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Wrong name in a report

Discussion in 'Primary' started by gergil4, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. gergil4

    gergil4 New commenter

    Have you ever had comments back from a parent about using the wrong child's name in a report - i.e. you've copied and pasted and not changed the name?
    And no, it WASN'T me!!
  2. our head checks all ours beforehand for that very reason I reckons :)
  3. Our head checks them for general sense but not for typos etc, he said to get our TA's to do that. I couldn't- mine was too busy, so checked my own- can't recommend it enough, I couldn't believe how mnay mistakes I'd made- I'd put 'her' on a boy report for a target comment! Glad I picked that up!
  4. Not done reports myself yet, but am a parent. This sort of mistake creates ructions like you wouldn't believe in the playground! Parents top three bugbears - wrong names, wrong gender and identikit reports (they get them straight out and compare what's been written!). This last is even more of an issue when software has been used - most parents have no idea about this and just assume the teacher couldn't be bothered to write a personalised report.
  5. No but as both a teacher and a parent, I think it is an unforgiveable mistake!
  6. gergil4

    gergil4 New commenter

    Thanks everyone. Your replies reflect my gut feeling!
  7. Brenden

    Brenden New commenter

    This sort of mistake happens all the time when teachers copy and paste. It's pretty much why I set about constructing this project, but incorrect name is very hard to programatically check for.
  8. jenhet

    jenhet New commenter

    Gertie - get real! Unforgiveable (sic) sin? I teach around 230 children for a maximum of 1 hour each per week. Do you really think it's possible to write an individual report for each child?
    I could say that it's unforgivable for teachers to make spelling mistakes - but I won't!
    Why is it that teachers have to be perfect in every way or be vilified? And why this thread? "Has anyone ever seen mistakes on reports? Not by me, I hasten to add ...." Self-satisfied or what? EVERY human being, teacher or not, makes mistakes, particularly when exhausted and stressed at the end of term.
  9. nmason

    nmason New commenter

    Totally agree with jenhet. Get a life we are human after all. I spend ages trying to make my reports different but when you are basically saying the same thing as we have covered/learnt the same areas what can you do? It really adds to the time it takes. Do parents actually realise how long reports take? It took me 9 hours just to do the writing comments this year. And yes I have accidently put his instead of her, I was horrified as I spent ages proof reading, my husband and TA did it too, and we didn't spot it. Thankfully the parents thought it was funny and understood. All I could do was apologise tons! And offer to redo it. We are human and it would be nice if parents or other teachers stood up for us, reinforcing how hard it is to do reports, make them individual and point out that they have covered the same type of work and of course if their ability is similar then it will sound similar.
  10. I agree witth Jenhet. Reports are written right at the end of term and we all make mistakes sometimes. I would be mortified if a report did go home with a wrong name because I know my parents would really make an issue of it. Luckily for us, the reports go out on the last day of the Summer Term. [​IMG]
  11. asnac

    asnac Established commenter

    One way of reducing the risk of the wrong name is to avoid overusing names. Some teachers seem to forget that our language has personal pronouns, leading to computer-writing-style reports like, Sandra-Mae has explored a range of texts this year. Sandra-Mae has a good understanding of instructional and persuasive texts. While Sandra-Mae is confident with her spellings, Sandra-Mae does need to check her work for capital letters (etc.).

    I have counted six or seven uses of the personal name in a subject report when one or two would do. Keeping them down means faster checking, and actually makes the report seem more personally written, not less.
  12. Brenden

    Brenden New commenter

    Replacing names with pronouns just means more pronoun errors. That said, how many names is the max you'd accept on a comments field? three?
  13. Amylicorice

    Amylicorice New commenter

    My very good friend who is a wonderful gifted teacher always says that we are paid to teach not to write. If I wanted to be a writer (with all that involves, drafts, editing, research, proof reading) I would be, but no, I am a teacher. An aspect is reporting, but really I don't get paid to write individualised reports for each child, proof read, edited and checked for relevance and variation. I need to just report simply and sometimes routinely and sometimes repeatedly on my class.
  14. I actually think that's a really poor point of view. Parents CARE about reports - that is why they are het up when mistakes occur. Many schools do not explain the process, and so of course parents don't understand how much time and work goes into them, or why mistakes, and repetition occurs. They want to be talked to MORE in my experience, rather than treated as incidental to their child's education. Good communication with parents, and keeping them up to date and involved in their child's development should be an extremely important part of the job. Often it is schools who don't feedback clearly and often, who have the most problems at report time, because parents see this as their main opportunity to see how their child has been doing. A school that sends out reports on the last day of term to avoid parents with questions, is just a disgrace.

  15. Doitforfree

    Doitforfree Star commenter

    I'm the parent of a primary aged child and I find modern reportscrazily long and detailed. I'd be happy with a single short paragraph saying whetyher he was happy, achieving what he should be, behaving and so on and leave it at that. I hate to think of the time his poor teachers have to spend writing long reports. I would far rather they spent that time preparing something stimulating to teach the children, or with their feet up. Parents are not stupid. We know software is used, we know a lot of what is in the report is in every child's reports (...this year in IT Free's son has learnt how to use the word processor...' etc.) and we really don't need all that detail.
  16. asnac

    asnac Established commenter

    Three is enough. It is easy to search for pronoun errors but not for name errors. What I do (in Word) to immediately find pronoun errors is use find and replace to apply blue highlighting to all male gender words (such as he, himself etc.) and red highlighting to all the female gender words. Then it's an easy matter to scroll down and see if there is the odd red in a sea of blue or vice versa. Make a note of the reports where there are gender errors, close the file without saving, and reopen and make the changes.
  17. indecisive1

    indecisive1 New commenter

    cheers doitforfree . . wish more parents were like you!!!
  18. I too am quite surprised at this attitude. Part of a teacher's duties is effective, timely and relevant reporting on children's progress, attainment, strengths and weaknesses. See Core Standard 4:
    <table class="standards"><tr><td>C4</td><td colspan="2">(a) Communicate effectively with children, young people and colleagues.
    (b) Communicate effectively with parents and carers, conveying timely and relevant information about attainment, objectives, progress and well-being.
    (c) Recognise that communication is a two-way process and encourage parents and carers to participate in discussions about the progress, development and well-being of children and young people.
    </td></tr></table>C4: (a) Communicate effectively with children, young people and colleagues.
    (b) Communicate effectively with parents and carers, conveying timely and relevant information about attainment, objectives, progress and well-being.
    (c) Recognise that communication is a two-way process and encourage parents and carers to participate in discussions about the progress, development and well-being of children and young people.
    It is also mentioned in Standard C14:
    C14: Know how to use reports and other sources of external information related to assessment in order to provide learners with accurate and constructive feedback on their strengths, weaknesses, attainment, progress and areas for development, including action plans for improvement.
    And Standard C32:
    C32: Provide learners, colleagues, parents and carers with timely, accurate and constructive feedback on learners' attainment, progress and areas for development.
    And as for not being a teacher, not a writer, this again is flawed thinking. Teachers are required to model high standards to their children and their parents/colleagues at all times. Writing is just one aspect of this, as mentioned in Standard C17:
    C17: Know how to use skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT to support their teaching and wider professional activities.
    And as for 'not being paid to write individualised reports for each child', that is exactly one of the things you are being paid for. They should certainly not need to be checked for relevance - if a teacher is writing reports that are not relevant, what do they think the purpose of reports is?

  19. Probably would upset the parent but as we handwrite ours, this can't happen. Computer generated reports proved unpopular for this very reason of mass producing similar reports.
    Parents in my school complain about mispronuncing a name but often the spelling is nothing like it is pronounced. I see names now I have never seen before and some of the parents could get a Level 5 for creativity.
    Seriously, reports should be checked and checked !. I double check mine and the Head goes throught them with a fine tooth comb. It is has it should be. Yes we can write many reports but the parents want one about their child.
    I wouldn't like it.
  20. tiffster

    tiffster New commenter

    Reports were all clear this year. Then, tonight, a parent came to see me complaining that her eleven-year-old had been "distraught all term" because I had complimented the abstract that he had produced in art in his report but I had apparently hung it on the display the wrong way up.
    Pass the wine....

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