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Written notice for maternity leave

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Lohman, May 2, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    Just after a bit of advice. Every website I read about maternity says that I need to give my employer official written notice of my maternity leave at week 25. The websites say this is important because of SMP and that I need to include my MAT1B form. The problem is I will not see my midwife and get the MAT1B form until a week on Friday when I will be 26+3. The midwife booked the appointment ages ago and now I've looked at the date I've realised she's made it for a week later than it should be - there will be no chance of getting in this week now.
    So my queery is what do I do? I'm back to work tomorrow following the Easter hols. Do I put the written notice in without the form or just wait until the end of next week and put it all in together? The info I've had from my LA about maternity just says I need to give 1 months notice - but I'm worried because of the SMP ater on.
  2. I gave them written notification first (before summer holidays) and couldn't give them MATB1 until after the hols, I was 25 weeks in the middle of the summer. Your school should be fine with it there is nothing you can do, but I would give the written notification as soon as possible.

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