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Writing to the children.

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by namdarb78, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. I am writign a card to the children to send to them before going back to school and joining my Reception class. Do others do this?, I have heard its done in other schools locally. Does anyone have any good ideas of what I could put? I want to keep it short and simple as handwriitng all of them. Thanks.
  2. hurny

    hurny New commenter

    I give them a letter from our class bear, it has his photo on it, this is what it says:
    Dear(child name)
    You are invited to join me, (teacher's name) and (TA's name) at (school's name) Reception Class.
    There are lots of things to do in our class and you can make lots of new friends.
    I look forward to seeing you.
    Heartley Bear
    P.S. Please remember to say hello to me on your first day!

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  3. hurny

    hurny New commenter

    This isn't part of the letter!!!! [​IMG]
  4. Thank you, sounds a nice idea.
  5. We send out a postcard which has printed on a picture of their key group. I put on that it was lovely to see you on your ice breaker day, hope you are having a nice holiday. See you in September.
  6. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I've used the postcard format
    Hello xxxxxx
    Hope you are having a lovely holiday perhaps you could draw a picture on the front of this card to show the class. I can't wait for you to join my class.
  7. I send them a postcard from my holiday...or just of a cute picture if I'm not away. I just say...I hope you are enjoying the summer holidays. I am having a lovely time (doing whatever). I am really looking forward to starting back at school, I hope you are too. blah blah something like that. I think its really important because children dont get letters anymore (or anyone for that matter) yet we expect them to learn to write...something they rarely see anyone else doing these days!!!
    I also send postcards as thank you notes to my old class for end of year gifts...takes me a while but I think its worth it...my family think I'm mad ha ha ha!!
  8. The postcards are a really good idea. I think I will do that in the future. Thank you
  9. Thank you for your ideas, I will use some for mine.

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