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Writing reports

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by bunnyrabbit, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. I am on a maternity contract that finishes next week. It has been hinted that I should have my end of year reports written. The reports do not go out until the middle of July, and are handed in to the head at the beginning of July. There is an assessment week in May. I teach in a job share. I would expect that the teacher returning from maternity leave should be able to have enough of an idea to write the reports. My concern is that I will be expected to write them over the Easter holidays, when I am no longer contracted or being payed. Any thoughts welcome

  2. MarkS

    MarkS New commenter

    That is totally unreasonable. How can an end of year report be written in March??? SOmeone is trying to weasel out of doing something themselves...and no way should you write them after you leave!!! If it was an end of term report, yes, but the yearly report...NO!!!
  3. I have been in this contract for almost 12 months. When i started in March last year, I had to write the end of year reports. I did find this hard, as I did not know the class well, but by the time I actually got round to writing them (in june), I just got on with them. Thanks for reply Mark!!!
  4. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Simply write handover notes for the returning teacher and make sure that all your mark sheets are available for her. Make a short comment on each pupils regarding behaviour and concentration/effort and refer the returning teacher to your mark sheet (with NC levels where appropriate) for achievement data.
    If they insist on you doing more than that, tell them to give you the non-contact time to achieve it before you leave but there's no way you can pre-empt the pupils' future achievements in a final report format!
  5. Thanks so much for your replies!! I have been really happy at my school, and do not want to leave!! I will continue to work hard, and hope that the returning teacher appreciates the notes and assessments etc done, but I will not be writing them.....unless the head offers to pay me the required number of hours (i would estimate 30, so a full teaching week), to come in and do them after the Summer assessments have been done, but I really think that the teachers teaching the children ie the 2 job share workers should be doin the reports! x


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