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Writing reports for nursery

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by wigglypops, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. hello,

    i write reports for nursery chn, but feel that they're not very early years friendly! i have to do it the same way as the rest of the sch, making a comment under each of the areas of learning- cll, md, kuw, cd, pd, pse. then i write a teacher's comment (ie, how lovely they've been to have in the class, good luck for next year etc).

    to be honest, i don't really like the way i do it, so i hope that someone else replies with a better way! you could ask your head (definitely ask your foundation stage leader) how they want u to do it, as it's the first time you've done reports for nursery, and hopefully they'll have some early years friendly ways of doing it (i'd like to show chn's profiles, photos and samples of work, with maybe a very short comment about chn's confidence/enthusiasm/enjoyment in each area of learning)

    if you find a good way, please let me know! hope it goes well x
  2. Thanks for your reply. I have asked my headteacher but she just says i can do whatever i want. I am the Foundation Stage leader but have only had experience of reception so wasn't sure if there were any requirements for nursery. I would like to do the same as you said photos etc. I just wanted confirmation that that would be ok to do.
  3. I write a report for parents under the six headings and with a general comment which is also passed on to reception teacher. I also send assessments on the FS profile levels for the rec teacher to continue Remember the FS is not just reception so your assessments are important for the rec teachers planning and target setting
  4. The parents really like our reports although I'm not sure they are that useful for the next teacher! We do 2 areas of learning per A4 page. We put in 3 or 4 photos for each area with a brief description of what the child was achieving in each photo. Any stepping stones achieved are written in bold. We do this every term which is quite time consuming but makes a fantastic report at the end of the year. We also do 1 A4 sheet at the end of the year with a photo of the whole class and a general comment.
    I definitely think the photos are a necessity for Nursery and Reception- it's a much more 'human' way of showing the children's success's.
  5. Thank you. I pass all the usual observations and assessments on to the reception teacher but just wanted to know what other nurseries pass on as couldn't find any requirements in the EYFS.

    I was going to write a bit about how the child was progressing in each area of learning supported by pictures. I was also going to write a general comment and a child's comment about what they like to do in nursery etc.

    How does that sound?

    Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

  6. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

    Hi, I write mine on a format that has headings for all the 6 areas in the FS curriculum. In the 6 areas I say how they are doing in relation to the areas within, then a general comment is written on the bottom.

    There are report software you can get which makes it much easier especially if you are writing them for a lot of children
  7. Thank you. I have put together a draft with a section for comments on each area of learning and a space for general comments at the bottom. I have also included a child's commemt box and a paren't comment box. I have also left space for photos.

    Does that sound ok?


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