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writing on student work

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Teacher-in-Training42, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. Teacher-in-Training42

    Teacher-in-Training42 New commenter

    So today when I gave one of the students their work back they commented on how they felt like I ruined their work by writing on it - even though this was done to give feedback. I was wondering if anyone has got any ideas on how I can overcome this?The student was 16.

    Any advice appreciated
  2. elder_cat

    elder_cat Established commenter

    Write the feedback on large Post -It Notes
  3. steveshortland25

    steveshortland25 New commenter

    For assessed pieces of work, we provide feed back sheets now. They include a comment on the overall piece of work, what they did well, how they could improve.
    We them give them 3 tasks to complete at the bottom. This is then stuck into books or placed into folder where a clear close the gap exercise has taken place.

    It's tricky - there are more and more students that take pride in their work which is a positive in my eyes!
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  4. hs9981

    hs9981 Established commenter

    Rip it up and throw it in the bin, then tell them that now its been ruined! (then be fired)

    Or photocopy the original and mark the photocopy if the student has any 'needs'.

    Or ask them to come back at 4pm on a Friday for 'one to one' feedback, document the offer! I never get too many taking up my offer.......
  5. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Ask about the school marking policy- you should follow these guidelines when you are marking and correcting any student work. The student by the way is trying it on!
  6. Teacher-in-Training42

    Teacher-in-Training42 New commenter

    Thanks that sounds like a good option. Its not like I can use a post it note to correct their spelling errors - otherwise I just put sp next to it so that they can either research it or I'll sometimes give the correct spelling.
  7. AngelEd22

    AngelEd22 New commenter

    Write the feedback on the back of the students work, or use a generic feedback form. Alternatively mark the work using pencil.
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  8. ScienceGuy

    ScienceGuy Established commenter

    Something I have been trying out this year is to type my www / ebi comments and then print them out for students to stick in. It has sped up the process (as I am not writing out the same sentences again and again) and in your case it would allow the student to stick your feedback where they wanted to.

    The only difficulty with it in subjects where you are marking long essays is making it clear where the issues are / identifying spelling mistakes etc., but I am sure that you would be able to find a workaround in this case
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  9. elder_cat

    elder_cat Established commenter

    Just a thought. I used to have lots of work submitted electronically, and I used the 'Comment' feature in MS Word, to add feedback where needed. Return the document to the student, they open it up on their computer, refer to the comments, take the appropriate actions and then re-submit.
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