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Writing on a pdf document

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by margie2, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. margie2

    margie2 New commenter

    I can't work out how to write online on a PDF file (with blanks to fill in)... Help please!
  2. margie2

    margie2 New commenter

    I can't work out how to write online on a PDF file (with blanks to fill in)... Help please!
  3. PDF's are not meant to be edited....
    GIMP will help you. Instructions here are for Linux, but it's cross-platform so you should be fine it you are using MacOS or WIn.
  4. autismuk

    autismuk New commenter

    You can also use the online conversion tools to convert your PDF to a .DOC file then you can annotate it in Word or whatever.
    The success of this depends on how complex the document is.

  5. margie2

    margie2 New commenter

    Thanks Zaphod and Autismuk, I'll give it a go.
  6. I generally use PDF Creator to convert each page of the PDF document into an image file, then import those images into a word processor to fill in by inserting text boxes at appropriate points. I think, actually, that Open Office will import PDF documents for you directly, and Word might do the same for you these days, too.
  7. IFF you have an iPad, import the PDF into iAnnotate or Note Taker HD and annotate as much as you like (highlight, add writing in different colours, insert shapes or pictures, draw freehand...) - you can then save the file in its different forms (as PDF's) and transfer the annotated file as a PDF to be used as is. If your iPad is connected to a Whiteboard, you can annotate, rub out, and re-annotate as much as you like - interactively.
    I find Note Taker HD the closest to writing on a piece of paper.

    expecting comments from anti-whyPadders :)
  8. Download Nitro PDF Reader as an alternative to Adobe Reader. It works very well, allowing annotation etc
  9. colpee

    colpee Star commenter

    The PDF software bundled with most PCs or laptops is Adobe reader which allows opening and reading of PDFs only; Editing them usually needs a paid- for version. I've heard of Nitroreader but never tried it but it has decent reviews, fills in forms and is free. PDFEscape is a free browser add-on for online PDF forms. Odd that with PDFs being so ubiquitous, there are so few free solutions available.
  10. I've found the easiest solution is to use Libre Office and to add to it the extension "Oracle PDF" which lets you open and write on PDFs quite happily.
    One point if you do use that is that to get ticks in boxes the easiest way is to type Ctrl-P rather than to use Wingding font.

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