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Writing Levels - again!!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jellybellysmum, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Fruit_ bat i know it is so unfair, I feel sick at the thought. I am doing extra literacy session every afternoon after easter! I should be used to this by now but last year we had a strong cohort and so it makes this years look even worse. Last year the Y1 teacher was told it was fine if they are on p scales and then this year suddenly they need to make at least 3 sublevels to be broadly in line. A few of the chn have very low attendance and are constantly playing catch up. I have said some chn will be 2c but I really dont think that a child who does not use any finger spaces or full stops can be a L2, plus the majority of work cannot be read without mediation. I know the 100 word minimum was a Ros Wilson criteria but our school has always used this as a bench mark. The top groups work great when an adult is there to prompt them constantly but none of their work is of significant length. If they cant write at length and consistently use punctuation then they are not a secure 2.
  2. cally1980

    cally1980 Established commenter

    Probably go against the grain here but if you know they are capable of lengthier pieces and yet they do not produce this then keep them in at break time to do more! I guarantee they will get their act together quicker next time. Obv I wouldnt do this unless I knew for sure it was laziness.
  3. Many of the chn concerned had an I|EP for reading/writing but we had too many chn on SEN register so we had to remove them by request of SMT. I believe they should still be at SA.
  4. This is terrible, you must be so stressed-out. At my place, when we did our Autumn levels, we were scared lol but we agreed to be completely honest and almost every child was moved back at least 1 sublevel. I don't look forward to explaining this to the parents but it's better for the children. It might not happen tomorrow or next week but that bubble is going to explode all over the child at some point! If they're being rushed through levels and pushed into work that's too advanced then what real learning is going on? Are your colleagues facing the same pressure? There's not much the Eng co-ord can do if you agree to stand together and refuse to inflate the levels? Good luck x
  5. Thanks Lilybett, its not the lit co-ordinator who is putting the pressure on. The other Y2 teacher has the lower set so they dont mind so much but my set contains chn who wouldnt ordinarily be in a higher set but there were just too many in the low group. We always say what we think the chn are and then somehow on the print outs they have changed. I gave realistic targets for end of Y2 but these were ignored. The group of chn I am being asked to target were either significantly below or below at the end of the year and all have to make up a whole level.

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