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Writing in reception

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Lo77ee, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. I wonder if anyone could please help me - I need to support a colleague with ideas for writing opportunities in her Reception class but have a very limited knowledge of ks1!! Could anyone be kind enough to help me out with some general ideas??
    Many thanks in advance :)
  2. Bump... Anyone?
  3. Does she have a writing area in the classroom stocked with a variety of pens, papers, cards, alphabet boards, whiteboards etc? Does she enhance the other areas around the room, adding writing materials eg shopping lists in the role play, post it notes near the construction for labelling etc? Does she encourage motor skills to give the children the strength and fine motor manipulation practice? Eg large paint brushes on sticks outside with water, jumbo chalks for playground drawing/writing etc. I'm pretty sure she probably has all that and needs specific opportunities. Children like to write about themselves and I have found photos of classroom activities and children printed on A4 with room for captions can sometimes motivate them. Also photos of characters they like (Ben 10, Disney princesses). Setting up a role play school with worksheets, whiteboard etc. can sometimes work.The best resource is an adult modelling and supporting. And of course, focus activities based on the children's interests and experiences eg thank you letter to a visitor, description of a spring walk.
  4. I teach kindegarten in Australia. My students ages range from 4 1/2 yrs to almost 6 yrs old. I came on here tonight looking for someone who'd like to set up a penpal type relationship with my class. We could do that via email or by 'connected classrooms' ( when I figure that out!!!).

    I'm not sure how to set up the system and not sure aabout putting my email addy on here either. Would most appreciate if anyone has suggestions on how to set up a communication with similar ages kids from UK to us in Aussie land!
  5. Hi Prue
    I teach Reception age children in a working class area in Derbyshire and would certainly be very interested in creating a link between our two classes. The children in our catchment area do not have much worldly experience and I have therfore been very keen to get a link going somehow to help them develop their understanding of different cultures, beliefs etc.
    If you are interested in finding out more then send me an email... heatherlilley2011@yahoo.co.uk
    Heather :)
  6. Hi guys, would be EXTREMELY grateful for any advice and ideas given.. !

    I have an interview next week in a Reception class (been trained in ks1/2 but looove this age range!) and have been asked to deliver a 30min lesson using L/O- To be able to write a caption and to include a success criteria.

    Ive had no other extra info and as its hols at moment cant contact them for any extra info.. :(

    I would be very grateful for any suggestions and wanted to know that would the WHOLE class be expected to achieve the L/O?

    Thanks in advance :)

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