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writing evaluations on plans...what do you do?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by 12table, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I am new to FS, and I am trying to find a practical way to write evaluations on core activities on weekly plans, also how other people plan from children's interests and how you record these on plans
    thank you[​IMG]
  2. As regards children's interests, we have a whiteboard (out of children's reach), on which we jot down anything that catches a child's, or a group's interest. We annotate with ideas any of us have for making provision for children to pursue those interests. We follow up as soon as possible. It may not get put down on written plans as we respond as quickly as we can. But if I remember I will scribble it on the week's plan, although i'm not that bothered, as an annotation. It may appear on the following week's plan, if we are still going with it, in which case it is printed in red to show it is in response to children's observed interests (it can go on for weeks and weeks of course.)
  3. For our inside and outside provision each member of staff looks after 1 area ie, creative paints and malleables, maths and music small world and construction writng area and mini books each member of staff fills in an A3 sheet wioth each area on and then changes they make over the week- if a child is observed or asked for a resource their initals are added to a column and these sheets are filed along with the plans each week.
    On my literacy and numeracy I have a number of chidren names each day to focus questions on and note if they have acheived the LI and SC for the session.
    Each member of staff carries out a core activity with their key worker group and complete an evaluation sheets about their ons of the children and next steps.
    Hope this helps
    Drop me an email if you would like examples of these sheets

  4. Hi Littlestones, Sorry to hijack someone else's post but I was wondering if you would be kind enough to send me a copy of the plans you mentioned, C.I and how to record it has been a target of mine for a while and I'm still looking for a suitable method.
    Thanks in advance, lynsey
  5. You have mail
    I hope they are useful let me know what you think please
  6. GemsEYFS

    GemsEYFS New commenter

  7. If you email me I will send them to you
  8. Hi Littlestones

    Thank you for these ideas, I would love a copy of them, my email address is

    thank you sarah
  9. Hi Thumble, I like the whiteboard idea..[​IMG] thank you
  10. Hi Littlestones
    Did you manage to send the plans ......maybe my email didn't work...it's
    thank youuuuuu... im very interested to see what you do...Sarah

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