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Writing assessment in Year 1

Discussion in 'Primary' started by katiewatie17, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. Hi all
    I wondered if anyone could help? I am beginning to question my own teaching capabilities and wondered if this is warranted!
    I am teaching in Year 1 and have recently been using Pie Corbett's talk for writing. They have written the magic porridge pot and the papaya that spoke, then their own story in that style with new characters,fruits, pots etc. The children have really enjoyed it and have written some fantastic pieces.
    We then had to assess our children's writing last week. Our assessments were then moderated by an LA advisor who said my judgements were too high. He felt that the children's work was very similar to each others and that I couldn't really give them the levels I had. He then suggested that I assess them on a piece of work which was more independent such as giving them an old key and asking them to write a story about it with no modelling or help in the lesson.
    Am I wrong to think that this is unfair on my children? Surely we can discuss the work together first, share write a story and then wipe it from the board, then ask them to write their own version? Or am I really out of touch???!! HELP!!
  2. I think Pie's approach is excellent, but wouldnt use innovated stories as an assessment as such as they will all be very similar - such is the point. You retell and retell and retell to the point that you can just write it out, even if you are changing bits. It would be a good assessment of spelling, phonic knowledge and punctuation - but not of composition as most of the story is there for them.
    Saying that, I would never expect my Year 1s to just sit and write about a topic with no input - they just wouldn't achieve their potential, and do need reminders of what to put in their writing.
  3. Thanks for that. When assessing I did use other pieces of work alongside, but no composition as such. What kinds of writing do you do for assessment around this time of year in Year 1, if you don't mind me asking?
    Thanks again
  4. I think the re-writing of a well-known story is a highly successful way of getting little children writing - and it is a very high expectation that they should write their own stories for assessment.
    It's not that some children can't, it's just that why don't we fully value and understand that a re-write (or re-tell) is actually quite an achievement?
    I think you're doing the right thing to ask children to re-write well-rehearsed stories - goodness, they are only little and they are doing well to be able to write even a re-write!


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