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Writing a SoW for three-year KS4 Spanish

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by t.e.burns, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm about to start a new position as Head of Spanish, and I was hoping to get some advice. I'm new to the position and haven't had to write a SoW before, plus the KS4 at my new school spans Y9-11; my experience of KS4 has always been Y10-11 so I'm unsure as to how to approach this task... Does anyone have any experience of teaching a three year KS4?

    I'm thinking of spending the first year covering the main grammar points and really hammering them home, and sticking to the first couple of topics from the textbook (MIRA) and trying out a piece of WR and SP CA on those topics (with the aim of getting pupils used tot he CA procedures). Then in Y10-11 following the textbook SoW as usual as well as completing more CAs.

    How does that sound?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. This sounds mightily complicated for you.
    I suppose the plus side is that because if there's nothing to go on to start with, then in theory the way the GCSE is yours to tinker with until you're happy with it. That doesn't help you at the moment though.
    Do you have time to go into school before term starts? Then you can in theory ask other members of the department if they're around, but if not then at least you'll have time to see if anything is in a cupboard, folder or filing cabinet.
    Sorry I can't be of any more help!
  3. Thanks, it's nice to know that I'm not alone in thinking that it's complicated! I get the impression that the last HoD didn't believe in schemes of work as there are none for either KS 3 or 4, and the other Spanish teacher is lovely, but is happy to stick to the way she's been teaching for the last 30 years unless something else is pushed on to her (her words, not mine!). You're right about it being good that it's mine to tinker with though :)
  4. I'm looking for the Mira KS3 and 4 SoWs to tweak for a post I'm starting in September. If you can get hold of any existing ones, it might be easier for you to play around with them rather than starting from scratch, especially if you haven't been faced with having to write a SoW before. I've just put a plea out on another thread asking if anyone would mind sharing theirs, so if I manage to track one down, I'm sure you'll be able to too. Good luck :)
  5. Try this link http://www.pearsonschoolsandfecolleges.co.uk/Secondary/Scotland/Spanish/MiraForYear7Starters/FreeResources/FreeResources.aspx

    It has customisable SoW for Mira 1-3. There's a GCSE equivalent page, although as far as I can see you can only access the info for chapter 1.

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