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write dance trainer

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by sam23468, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. Does anyone have the name/number/email of the people who provide write dance training please?
  2. Myself and the Nursery Teacher at our school do Write Dance training for our Early Years Advisory Team in Warwickshire - they even pay us! - or did you mean someone nationally?
  3. There was a lady I was in touch with last year who was prepared to come and train practitioners in our area but I needed to get a group together to make it financially viable. I now have a group interested but can't get in touch with the lady! I'm in cambs if you're interested?
  4. Whereabouts in Cambridge? We usually do twighlights and the sessions last about 2 hours so it would depend how long it would take us to get to you as to whether that would be practical? We have also done a Saturday session as well, so that might be possible too. My e-mail is sharonjanewood@yahoo.co.uk if you want to get in touch. x
  5. Hi Sharon
    Have emailed you!
  6. Hi,
    I am also interested in write dance training. I live in Shropshire but work in Wolverhampton.
    Can you give me an idea of the cost and your availability?
    My e mail is sue_pym@btinternet.com
  7. Hi
    I know it's some time ago but do you still do training -we're in Coventry and would like some training on 21st October 2011. What woulkd the cost be?

    My email is ymccall123@aol.com

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