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WRAT4 for sale, dyslexia testing kits wanted :)

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by LauraJay88, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. LauraJay88

    LauraJay88 New commenter

    I have for sale a complete WRAT4 testing kit. I’ve only used three forms out of it. The entire kit is in excellent condition. Great for trainee dyslexia assesors/educational professionals wishing to assess comprehensively: single word reading, comprehension, spelling and maths computation. I paid £440 brand new. Looking for any reasonable offers. The forms are still in print.
    I am also after adding some dyslexia testing kits to my collection. Please get in touch if you are selling any. My email is: info@positive-strides.net
    Thank You :)
  2. joanrowe

    joanrowe New commenter

    You are selling the WRAT 4 .. but still looking for tests?
  3. LauraJay88

    LauraJay88 New commenter

    Yes want to add some new/different ones. Sold a couple that weren’t being used :)
  4. CherNeves

    CherNeves New commenter

  5. LauraJay88

    LauraJay88 New commenter

    No sorry.
  6. roxylouise

    roxylouise New commenter

    Hello, I have a YARC and Dyslexia Portfolio for sale if anybody is interested. Reasonable offers considered, thank you
  7. helenm201

    helenm201 New commenter


    Are these still available please? Could you give me an idea of what you would like for them?



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