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Wow writing lesson for year two class

Discussion in 'Primary' started by westminster, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. I'm due to be observed in writing soon but not sure when so I'm getting organised now!!! I have a class with a wide range of abilities from p6-2a who need to work on saying sentences (p level chn),caps and full stops,(LA) and using descriptive language and varying sentence structure etc for the level twos.I have been looking for a good writing book with ideas but haven't found one yet. I was thinking of doing a one off lesson possibly linking it to foundation subjects (can I do this? or perhaps just reading the beginning of a good story and letting them write their own ending? Or writing a character description? I'm not sure. Any suggestions most welcome :).
  2. queenlit

    queenlit New commenter

    Wanted posters fot The Tiger who came to tea?
  3. Yes, that's a good idea.I like the idea of a wanted poster.I would have to model this to the chn first though by using a different character. You've got me thinking though,thanks!! Any one else?
  4. Recently did some lovely writing with my Year 2s. We looked at the nursery rhyme Humpy Dumpty and they had to then use the main features and write it as a story.
    It was great!!! ( and have varied abilities like you.)
  5. Hi,that sounds a great idea!! I'm sure my year 2s would love that. Would you mind sharing how you went about it as I would love to do this!? I'm not sure what my non-speaking EAL children should do either( I have two of these) I was thinking of getting them to recite the rhyme whilst sequencing the pictures or doing some actions ? Would love to hear your ideas !!!
  6. What about getting them to write instructions for how to play their favourite game. A lot will choose computer games - a way to inspire those children who need all singing/all dancing motivation. You could work with your lower ability group to put cut and stick instructions in order. The EAL children could play a related game. Good luck.
  7. We do a lot of Talk for writing so we read the rhyme ,and then said it again and again through drawing pictures so everyone knew the plot !
    I had the rhyme on the IWB and away they went. I said the checklist was to include Humpty Dumpty,on a wall, fell off, someone helped him!

    As simple as that !!
  8. Thanks for sharing!!! This has given me a base I like to start with now . Did you do this all in one session?
  9. Why not fill a box with mysterious objects eg glasses, scarf, toy, map, shoe (anything you can think of). Mayber wrap the box in brown paper with a label saying "Mrs J's class/ Year 2/ or whatever Please help, open immediately. Maybe include a letter from it's owner.
    Children could write a reply to the enclosed letter, or maybe write a letter to go in the box for the next finder. Discuss who might own the box, why is in their classroom etc. Maybe brainstorm possible owners. Could write a description of them, a story about them. Maybe design a "Found" poster to advertise its contents etc. Lots of various activities here and maybe different groups/mixed ability or not could do different activities.
    Story endings are quite a "safe" thing to do so do something different. Doing the above saves you from finding a box.
    How about an empty bottle with a letter/map inside or a lamp which you could rub and release some magic. Etc

    Good luck.
  10. <h4>Finding a book !!!!. not a box (although you'll need that too if you know what I mean. (Have taught Year 2,3,,5 and 6) and various mixed ages !</h4>
  11. Another great idea !!! Thanks for sharing !!!
  12. Hi! Am joining this thread a bit late but am due to be observed in a week and your idea about the box sounds fantastic and something my class would love! Would you make the lesson focus/ objective to write a letter? Or something else? The 'found' poster would suit my lower ability children but not sure how it would link to the objective if the rest were writing a letter.

    Any other activity suggestions along this line would be so much appreciated- I'm don't cope very well with being observed etc, so so nervous!

    Thank you!

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