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WOW! It has really happened...now what?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by cityfree, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. Think it is like Shaun, Jean and John. Different but the same.
    Bit like Kiwis and Ozzies,
    Seppos and Canadians,
    Belgians, French, Dutch, German etc.
    All the same really.
    Actually, that's not fair on the Dutch, Belgians and Germans...[​IMG]

  2. Oh do we? Forgot.
    So City...you can go to Australia for a holiday you dont need an adaptor. If you go say hello to Ned for me, will you?
    He's feeling very patriotic. [​IMG]
    Off to rehearse for my interview.
    Now that Im here...how long do phone interviews usually last? Does anyone know?
    Or better still...if they are interviewing from say 9:00 to 13:00, how many people might they have programmed to interview?
    Comon Stoppers...you must have forgiven me by now for being a tell tale tit.
    Back to the OP... When I went to Thailand so many years ago. I took too much and paid so much on excess baggage only to find that I could have bought all that I had taken very cheaply there. So my advice is ...dont overload, take things that have a special meaning to you (small things) and that super adaptor you found which was probably Made in China anyway.
    Cheers and good luck. Enjoy your stay and your teaching and learning experience. Well you know that, dont you?

  3. cityfree

    cityfree New commenter

    I had a Skype interview and it was about 30 mins. I guess there is no way of knowing when in the list you are. [​IMG]
    I am lucky in that they pay for shipping (up to around £1200!). Got an air freight estimate and what I found (on an over-estimate) was that the budget is more than enough! [​IMG] I am still be ruthless though, not really a keeper (unless particularly sentimental).
    Good luck with your interview.
  4. It was a question about the 13amp, three pin, not a statement. I wasn't even sure Ozz had electricity.
    You fell out with Stoppers? Wow, he is a top sort, so hope that was a misunderstanding between you two.
    No close relatives.
    Of course.
    Hao yunki.

  5. kiitos (I think)
    Yeah I was being puerile (not peurile). If girls can be that.
  6. Gilrs can't be childish? That's very errr..'male-ist'!
    Anyway, Stoppers (I worked with him) is a top man (not the shop). How I admired the way he dealt with poor management a few years ago. Class, class act.

  7. Sorry...missed the question mark. Australia has electricity everywhere, I think, but not sure if it has internet everywhere. It was 'una asignatura pendiente' when I was last there.
    Jezzus, It's a bloody big country and beautiful but that's all (not feeling very patriotic today, sorry Ned). Ive finally convinced my family not to say latte if they want a white coffee. That nearly makes it first world.[​IMG]
    hyvää yotä
  8. cityfree

    cityfree New commenter

    Can any of you reccomend a shipping/air freight company? There are a couple I know of, but interested to see what else is around.
  9. Travel light. Suitcases, essentials.
    Crikey, City,
    One minute you're all 'should I take this and should I take that' and now it's how do I move my house out there...
    Travel light. Suitcases, essentials.
    You did ask...
  10. Mr robinson

    Mr robinson New commenter

    no need for adaptors-loads here and cheap. Relocation Companies-Asia tigers good. Santa fe even better. Do not use the cheapest company- make sure they have offices in both origin (UK?) and China. Both of aforementioned have. We used Santa Fe and they were excellent at both ends. Bring lots of cosmetics, medicines and expat foods as you can get all those here- but freakily expensive. I'm so glad we packed 4 bottles of Frank's spicy hot chicken sauce. Haven't found it here (in Shanghai) yet!
    Best wish OP with your move. Weather is freezing at the moment, but overall I am enjoying the move here.
  11. cityfree

    cityfree New commenter

    Cheers Mr. Robinson.
    I know FP, but you only get one suitcase of flights and I am there for at least two years. I want to take SOME personal things other than clothes (trust me, I won't be using anywhere near my shipping allowance limit).
    I have a date to be there now, 13th August, so I can start really thinking about what I am doing when. Thinking of stopping off somewhere on the way. Any suggestions? (Can't land in China until August 13th due to paperwork).
  12. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    Stop off point?
    Thailand or Vietnam.
  13. cityfree

    cityfree New commenter

    I was thinking Thailand, but it doesn't seem to be a natural stop off, I was hoping to stop somewhere that the flights normally change, so as to make the whole claiming my flight back thing easier. I'm now thinking of going somewhere in Europe before going out to Beijing.
  14. 576

    576 Established commenter

    When I went to China on holiday there was a direct flight from London.
    And when I started my international job my flight was booked & paid for by my employer...
  15. cityfree

    cityfree New commenter

    There are direct flights, but they are more expensive, I was thinking of having the opportunity to stop off somewhere, but then not having to change sounds good. I would prefer in some ways for them to book, but having to claim back does allow me more choice on times etc.
  16. cityfree

    cityfree New commenter

    Flight to Beijing...booked.
    Clothes, books etc in bags about to take to the charity shop...check. The beginning of the slow sorting...
  17. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    So where is the stop off going to be?
  18. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    There may well follow a peiod of some frustration as you realise there is nothing else you can do to prepare, and that you just have to see out your present contract, keep calm and carry on.
    There will then be a flurry of activity as the summer approaches and you start to say goodbye to people. This is fun, milk it for all its worth. Tears, booze, promises to write etc etc.
    Then you will become more and more focussed as the Dep Date approaches...
    Then, all of a sudden you are there!! And a whole host of new emotions will flood over you, not least the wish that you had listened to ian60 and brought a couple of extra adaptors.
  19. cityfree

    cityfree New commenter

    It's two hours in Moscow. It was going to get complex to do it on the way. Might take a few days in Europe before I go.
    I have been feeling the frustration, so I am glad to hear that it is normal. I can see May half term as the final countdown. Keeping myself going with sorting through things to keep and chuck before leaving. I am setting myself goals at work as well (like pushing my top year 4s to level 4 if I can, plus a Glee-tastic show for my choir to do). Think that this might help while the time away.
    Well, fingers crossed the next six months feel like they're going fast. Worst comes to worst, I shall spend my time researching adaptors...

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