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Wouldn't it be nice to have ONE application form?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by goodform, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Well thats what we're trying to do...
    We've taken all the elements required in application forms and put them in one clear application form. It's only in its infancy so far but feedback would be appreciated, its located in resources here. As mentioned this is currently in word so far (for generic feedback on layout/fields etc) but will be later created as a pdf which will make it easier to fill in whilst keeping the formatting etc.
    It might not be able to answer your application prayers just yet but we're hoping it will get there, maybe in time for your next post?!
    We're not a company (and certainly not for profit, unfortunately for us!) we're just looking to make improvements so filling an application in doesn't have to be an all day event.
    Please take the time to have a look and comment and for those of you still looking for your NQT post, good luck! x
  2. I'm suprised to have had no posts on here. How have you all found the job hunt/forms?
    I've updated the form so far if any of you would like to give feedback.
  3. Possibly due to the fact that the choice of application form is not ours to make when applying or a post. Each LA or even school have their own and I would assume that it is tailored to suit their own criteria. No two schools are the same, they all look for different things, and as difficult as it may be to fill in several different forms, it is often the case that schools in one area use one form. So for me there were only three options (2 LA forms and a CES form.)
    I doubt there will ever be a generic application form as there will never be a generic application process, or post.... nor indeed a generic applicant!
  4. Well thats what we're aiming to change Bettalinz. Once we get it to a good stage we'll be approaching councils and independent schools to see if they'll take it on board. I already have backing from some advisors on TES who would like to see this happen.
    Can you tell me what differed between the forms? We've taken a selection of 10 and tried to make sure all the fields are on there so it would be interesting to know if we've missed anything.
    We're not hoping you can just send the same 'spiel' to all schools as that would defeat what we are trying to do, but spend less time on the actual standard form fields seen on all applications and allow you to dedicate your time to the Supporting Statement and Executive Summary on there.
    Thanks for the post x
  5. So how are you finding applications everyone?

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