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Would you make donations to school to buy extra art/craft supplies?

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by Lottes, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. Lottes

    Lottes New commenter

    No I wouldn't ask for a donation and personally I would only give money if it bought my child a specific item, such as a folder for GCSE.
    We regularly appeal for donations of materials from parents who work for companies which may have plenty of off-cuts... we have had various degrees of success, but some surprisingly great stuff ranging from large sheets of glass and tin to fabrics, pallettes of cards and papers and boxes of buttons and ribbon. It's worth asking local businesses too. B&Q are sometimes quite good I believe- think they have an online scheme that schools can sign up to?
  2. What an interesting question: When I went to school many many years ago in Germany, my parents had to buy all our resources, including text books. In the UK people seem to expect everything for free, and maybe that viewpoint is justified.

    Any donation should be a) voluntary, b) an amount chosen by the donor. I don't teach in a school, but I spend a fortune on my sprog's art stuff, simply because the school's resources are rather tight. Considering my own financial situation, I would not be happy to pay for other kids' art supplies. I used to donate lots of stuff to my daughter's previous school, but there comes a point when people like me feel exploited and start to re-act 'selfishly'.

    I often wonder how students from really a poor background manage to get through art GCSE or even A-level, considering the resource situation in most schools. It is almost as if parents have to buy their kids the better grade in art.

    Sorry, I have no answers, just some thoughts...

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