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Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by AIRFORCE11, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. Well at long last the Government / Ofsted have woken up to the fact that there is inadequacy in the teaching of ICT/ Computing in schools- one handed claps all round please ! This has been an issue , ignored for far too long.
    Schools managers have long believed that if you are an arts teacher or a PE teacher (no offence intended) that with a smattering of ICT you can effectively teach ICT at all levels.
    I have even been in a school where a Music teacher was in charge of IT and the poor person was on the verge of a breakdown !!
    Having worked many years in industry before becoming a teacher , and being well qualified to teach ICT and Computing I have been forced to teach children that are bored with ICT courses whose only raison d'etre is that they keep the schools place up in the league tables. How could a GNVQ ever compete with a Higher GCSE in ICT or Computing ? What do we offer children today ? hardly inspiring is it ? It is boring.
    Some schools have computer : pupil ratios of 2:1 or better - meaningless !! especially when monolithic uncaring systems managers rule the roost and teachers are pulled in from other departments to teach "a bit of ICT" what kind of message does that send to the children (and their future employers) ?
    I am passionate about ICT teaching and retired this year as a result of school policies that persistently marginalised ICT and Computing, and since then I have been working on supply and have been further incensed by the unprofessional practices and attitudes of school managements that fail to prepare children for the future - their future !!
    So to my point - if your child needed surgery , would you rather the child saw a Doctor or a Butcher - both are skilled are they not ? Would you allow a butcher to do a "bit of surgery "? Certainly not - so why do school managers persist in letting unqualified and inexperienced teachers loose on children teaching ICT when they have no depth of knowledge or experience, let alone graduate / post graduate qualifications in ICT/Computing ... I rest my case.

  2. cyberjelly

    cyberjelly New commenter

    I could not agree more.
    I teach Functional Skill in IT in a sixth form college. I often have students who start in September coming from schools where they have failed IT due to poor teaching.
    One local school had the french teacher, a maths teacher and a PE teacher al lin the space of 1 year, not once did they have an actual IT teacher. Of course the kids failed the course hand had to pick it up with me.
    I even had a call from the new head of the IT department who asked if I could excuse all their students from doing hte FS course, 'as it's not their fault they failed'. No it was not but if the school had provided for them then maybe they would have.

    On a personal experience level, I was asaked to teach business a couple of years ago, I was part-time and they needed someone. Never taught business in my life and the only experience I had of business was working a chef for Tesco staff canteen.
    I have also been asked to teach GSCE numeracy, when at school I was only allowed to take arithmatic due to being not very good with numbers.

  3. Thank you Cyberjelly - ICT is only one of the "victim" subjects here I have taught many subjects in addition to my own - I eventually retired when my teaching workload of "other " subjects far exceeded my ICT workload .... and the best bit ..... they recruited more people to teach ICT ( a geographer, a business studies teacher and ..... an arts teacher) Again no offence intended here folks... I would make a bad arts teacher!

    Good luck and Merry Xmas and Happy New year !
  4. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    Well said
    Though I have seen some very good non specialists and some awful specialists - I think it depends on how much time they want to take learning software and the skills that surround this and how mcuh their main department lets ICT have the time!
    But then we have just had an outstanding ICT Ofsted!!!
  5. *** show-off
  6. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious New commenter

    Can we dispense with the fallacious logic? I'd like people to argue their point rather than bring in utterly irrelevant comparisons.
    While I agree that our subject is better taught by people with an in-depth understanding (not just knowledge), it doesn't necessarily preclude those with an interest taking it further compared to those teachers forced to teach it to fill out their timetable. The preferable situation is that someone with IT qualifications does our job - even business teachers with real business experience could do fairly well in ICT.
    Teachers and subject material need to be relevant, up to date and well understood.
  7. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    Me show off....in light of todays news report errrr yep lol

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