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Would you hire a psychology teacher who had little experience of teaching A level?

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by melanissa, May 15, 2012.

  1. Hi
    Not sure
  2. Eek sorry that wasn't meant to end then - and I just spent ages editing for it to fail!!
    Anyway - was MEANT to say - not sure I can speak for all, but hopefully my experience may offer a little insight.
    I've recently gained a position as Head of Psychology having never taught A level, and from being Citizenship trained and being Head of RE - I've only taught GCSE Psychology that I introduced to my school. I was up against people with TONS more experience, but I guess it probably came down to my sheer passion for the subject, I don't know! So I think that if someone has passion and that shines through at an interview and in the lesson, they will be considered of equal or more value than someone with experience. If I was to hire someone for my department I'd certainly go beyond what experience was if they had something to offer - in my honest opinion I think if someone has the ability to be an outstanding teacher and inspire students with their subject, that is more important - we can all 'learn' to adapt to A level as we adapt to different specificiations etc (well I hope this is the case anyway!)
    I'd tell them to not worry and go for it! :)
    Hope this is of some help!
    Mel x
  3. Thanks Mel - that's reassuring (although possibly not for experienced and qualified Psychology teachers who find themselves up against people like you!!! [​IMG]). Perhaps the world of education and the employment of teachers is a little more open than I had thought, and employers do actually consider more than just what's down on paper.

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