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Would you go into a pub...

Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon4582, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. ...on your own?
    Don't get much chance to go out with Mr Fig but recently I've thought about just dropping everything and going to a pub on my own.
    Quite a close-knit village, not sure how that would go down although I'm sure I could find somewhere in a neighbouring village, just not sure if I can pluck up the courage [​IMG]
    Give me a boost
  2. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Fig, you sound very close to doing it already . . . . will you know some people in the pubs? Might there be neighbours there?
  3. Yes - have done so for years and still do!
    If you feel a bit strange at first, either take a book or sit at the bar. The barman/lady will normally chat with you.
    If it is a close-knit pub (mine always were/are) then after a couple of visits, the regulars will start to chat with you.

  4. I don't know the neighbours that well and doubt they would be in there to be honest.
    Don't get much chance to really socialise at all and only know a few people close by, but no-one enough I'd be able to join at the pub.
    Maybe I should just jump in and see what happens.
  5. Yes - you might make some new friends [​IMG]
  6. Go for it. I've done it in similar circumstances..people are nice...i don't think I bought a drink all night!
  7. often do if i'm killing time - waiting for an offspring or time between one thing and another
    i take a book or people watch - if i get into a conversation, that's a lovely bonus
  8. So the feeling of being looked at as if you're weird is just paranoia and I should just go with the flow and get in there?
  9. Yes!

  10. unless, of course, you are weird
    (gets coat.....)
  11. Opens door [​IMG]
  12. Soooooooooooooo, are you going to go for it?

  13. I will, but def can't fit in a free night until after Tuesday. I will be brave and report back next week [​IMG]
  14. Goodo [​IMG]
  15. modelmaker

    modelmaker Lead commenter

    I often visit the pub on my "own", abeit on many occasions I have my dog with me, but not always. When the dog is with me, conversations begin quickly, when she's not I listen to what goes on around the bar and if I think I have something worthwhile to add I'll say it. It's not really any different to being on a web forum other than you see the people you are conversing with face to face.
    Oddly, when I'm with mrs modemaker, people are less inclined to talk to us, and I can't really explain this as she's a lovely, sincere woman who has a heart for any deserving soul.
    Maybe they're being kind in letting us love-birds stay in peace together. Maybe they've heard differently and don't wan't to get involved. Who can tell?
    In any event, It's a good idea to get out of the house and do something on your own.
  16. essentiallyprincess

    essentiallyprincess New commenter

    I have gone on my own but only for brief periods. When I need 'a drink' not when I need a lot of drinks. If I need more than one class of wine will buy a bottle and drink at home ;) When christmas shopping I 'needed' a glass of wine so off I went for one. I felt just as comfortable/uncomfortable as if I had gone for a coffee on my own.

    I do however often go out for pub meals with accompanying bottle of wine (if any is undrunk it comes home with me) with my young daughter. She is currently 8 years old but have been doing it for years. I am a single parent why shouldn't I be able to go out for a family bar snack even if I am a small family. When with my daughter I get a lot of approving looks and special treatment.
  17. go for it
  18. I did it for years in Glasgow, especially if I wanted to go and see a band or something........ so, I'd go for it! (wouldn't do it in Oz though, where men presume you're there to be picked up, unless it's a pub I've been in regularly with OH, and I know that the bar staff will look out for me and call me a taxi)

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