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would you find this stressful?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by confusedaspie, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. confusedaspie

    confusedaspie New commenter

    Hi everyone
    Im currently 17 weeks pregnant after trying for a long time! Had a couple of problems as I have a cyst on my ovary which twists and may grow so currently had 2 weeks off work, one of them in hospital.

    My risk assessment says usual stuff about minimising stress and long working hours etc. Found out beginning of this week that in 5 weeks time our classrooms will be being done up with new carpets etc and that it will take at least a month to do up each classroom. During this time we have to have our classes in the hall. I am worrying how stressful this will be with putting out tables, no storage, no carpet area, no resource storage, disturbance etc. Just wondering how you would feel as pretty stressed just thinking about it!
  2. I've had this same situation years ago and it is stressful purely because classes are more lively in the hall and it's not usual routine. Definitely ask to be done in hols or last or go off sick that month!!
  3. confusedaspie

    confusedaspie New commenter

    Thanks for the replies! I am definately going to mention to my head but he is not very accommodating! I am swaying between thinking its not a big deal and cant be helped and i'll have to do it anyway (which im 99% sure is what he will say) and being quite angry that he's asked me to do this and be one of the first classes to do it!

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