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Would you buy up north

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by okmohito, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. SPC2

    SPC2 Occasional commenter

    Mmmmm...I've been looking at buying property to rent out in the UK, not quite buy to let as I don't currently have a UK property and would be looking to buy outright. I've started to confuse myself by looking at rental return in the UK, assuming twelve months a year occupancy, and rental return in somewhere like Cyprus, assuming only renting out in the 'high' holiday months.

    Looks like what you would get for a month in the UK you could get for a week in Cyprus/similar for a cheaper or equivalent outlay. Posts like the one quoted make me wonder again how the two options stack up against each other. Might be something for the OP to consider too...I hear Bulgaria's rather nice :)
  2. sicalifornia

    sicalifornia New commenter

    Mrs California and I really want to buy somewhere. We have just sold our shared ownership property (the only way to get on the property ladder in London these days!) - owning property seems like the best solid investment in the UK even if you do have the hassle of tenants... I think pretty much any property is good property in the UK.

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