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Would this be doable (Thailand)?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Helen-Back, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. Helen-Back

    Helen-Back Occasional commenter

    Thinking about a school a couple of hours outside Bangkok. We currently live in another part of Asia where the salary is pretty good, but we live in an apartment and it is currently pretty chilly outside (suffering from post-holiday blues perhaps). We'd like to move somewhere warmer where we can have a house, a car, a barbecue, paddling pool for the kids, near beach, etc. This school sounds ideal, with the possible exception of the salary.

    So, we are trying to figure out the costs;
    Total combined salary (two teachers, all in, no housing allowance) of about 180,000 Baht a month, minus 20% tax leaves us with about 140,000 Baht a month. Three bedroom house rental should be somewhere between 15,000 and 25,000 a month (school is well outside a major city). Car rental, I believe, is about 15,000 Baht. Minus other bills we'd be left with 100,000 Baht a month to live on. We're not extravagant spenders, would eat mostly local food, go to a higher end western restaurant once or twice a month. Could we feasibly save half of that 100,000 Baht and live off the other 50,000 Baht? And when I say save, I mean save for the long term, not for the next holiday. We would need to take holidays out of the living money.

    I've compared our current location with this location and it would appear that this is doable.

  2. tomyum

    tomyum New commenter

    All sounds about right to me - if I'm thinking of the same school, I spent 5 very productive years there a while back! We managed to save pretty well with some fairly pricy holidays along the way. Ownership of the school has changed since then though, so have nothing up-to-date about management to pass on.

    One suggestion - if you buy a brand-new car (as we did when we were there - Toyota Hi-Lux pick-up), they are surprisingly cheap, tough as old boots and hold their value extremely well for selling on when you leave. Also great if you want cheap holidays to other parts of the country.
  3. steluta

    steluta New commenter

    Doable, perhaps you will not always save 50k if you want travel every holiday. nice area for golfing(if the school is on the Eastern Seabord).
  4. percy topliss

    percy topliss Established commenter

    Yes, doable, just, but why? Why not think about working IN Bangkok? Mrs T and I do this and every weekend, if we wanted to, we could drive to the coast. It is only an hour and a half away. We pull in, after taxes and whatnot, about 300 thousand Baht a month and live in a 4 bed 4 bath detached house (25K a month) with barbecue and paddling pool. During the week and when we are not away we get to use the school pool. We also save about 3 times what you are thinking about. Obviously up to you but my advice would be to aim for the city, buy a car and make the most of life!

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