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Would this be a bad move?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by whowhatwhy, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. When at the end of an interview and asked 'Are you still interested in the post?' how bad would it be to say no?
    Feeling a little unsure about a job but thinking the interview day might help me decide.

  2. Often the interview day will help you decide, if I were you and asked that question I would answer yes. You are not accepting the job offer and if you end up liking the school you will regret telling them you wern't certain about it as it is bound to go against you! It's ok to tell a white lie, they won't know [​IMG] And if they offer you the job and you didn't like the school, THEN would be the time to reject it. Good luck!
  3. Reading the OP the question,so often asked at interview, is are you still a serious candidate then if you have doubts you really must say no. We are a profession and should act professionally! If you don't think you would want the job then say no and say why. The school will not then waste time offering it to you.
    Mind you in my experience as an interviewer you have a feeling by the end of the interview whether that person is interested or not anyway!I agree with msz headteachers do talk to one another!

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