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Would like to stop breast feeding but LO won't take a bottle......

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by wormburger, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. My LO is 9 months and I have just gone back to work, only 2 morning a week so I had planned to keep feeding her as we are down to 3 feeds a day, first and last thing plus an afternoon feed. However, the taste of relative freedom that I have experienced over the last week when LO has been with my Mum for the morning, have made me realise how restrictive bfeeding is and made me think about stopping, or at least intriducing the occasional bottle. However, I think I may have left it too late.
    Since she was born in September, my OH and I have not been out at all as I have always fed her to sleep at night - bad I know. She gets really hysterical if she is put down awake and I fear we may have left it too late to break this pattern as she is now rolling around all over her cot and manages to get herself in some tricky positions if we leave her. We are going out on Fri for my 30th but have booked a late table so I can get her to bed first. This is a seperate issue really, but another one that we are in a bit of a pickle about.
    Anyway, I tried a bottle and some formula yesterday for the first time since she was tiny and she just chewed on the teat! I then poured the formula into her sippy cup which she usually drinks really well from but she just spat it out everywhere! We tried Hipp Organic Stage 2 milk, which to be fair to her smelled pretty bad! I really don't want to faff about with loads of different types of formula/ teats etc for what will probably be the occasional bottle for the next 3 months until she can have cows milk.
    How have other people managed a late transition from breast to bottle? Is it impossible?! Which formulas are good? Any advice gratefully received! Thank you x
  2. Don't know if this will be of any help but we've just managed to get LO to take a bottle (5 months tomorrow). He firmly refused all bottles until we tried Nuk ones. They are expensive and nuk teats don't seem to fit any other bottles but maybe you could buy and try one?
  3. my LO wouldn't take a bottle either until i found breastflow bottles - most like taking from the breast. even now 3 months after stopping breastfeeding he only really likes these bottles.
  4. My LO wouldn't take a bottle for months but to honest I don't think we persevered enough - I'm not saying this would work for you but I basically set aside a week to crack it and refused the breast until she had at least had done of the bottle .. Some people might think it's a bit cruel but she is fine with it now. The other thing that helped is mixing half breastmilk with formula, then gradually reducing the ratio of breastmilk.
  5. We did the same as Astra and mixed breastmilk and formula, we started off on 1/4 formula and we're now up to 1/2 formula. LO wouldn't take a bottle for ages until we realised that it wasn't hot enough - she likes it very warm (I forgot that breastmilk comes out at body temperature.) My mum has babysat and got LO to take a bottle at bedtime and then let her gently go to sleep on her before putting her down, (LO is much better at the bottle if I'm not around.)
  6. Thanks for all the tips. Unforutnately I can't try doing hald and half as for some unknown reason I haven't been able to express since LO was about 8 weeks old, I was doing it regularly before this. No idea why.
    My Mum is about the only person who can get her to sleep without milk first, I have come home from work both times at 2.30pm all ready to give her her afternoon feed and she's been fast asleep in my mum's arms! She has the magic touch. She's babysitting when we go out on Friday so I'm not too worried! LO will fall asleep on my OH too, but usually only after a fair bit of crying, probably as she knows I'm nearby and could feed her.
  7. princessmelody

    princessmelody New commenter

    I would try a selection of cartons to see which one LO prefers, they are only about 50p each and you can buy the tub of whichever one she likes. I tried mine with a bottle after his long nap, so he was hungry but not upset. He def prefered it warmer (now he's not really bothered). It might be worth trying to persevere with the cup as your LO might get the hang of it relatively quickly. You could also try mixing formula with her breakfast cereal so she gets a taste for it. I totally agree it tastes grim! We use sma but I expect they all taste a bit funny to grown ups. Good luck :)
  8. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    I have no experience to offer I'm afraid (I formula fed LO from early on), but just to throw a spanner in the works the cartons taste different to powdered milk, beacuse of the UHT process and preservatives added. Good idea to try a few different cartons, they are cheap if you only use them occasionally. Plus powdered milk goes off after 28 days of opening so probably not as good if you're not making up loads of bottles.
    Someone else on the winter baby thread gave half a breastfeed, quickly switched to the bottle once LO was into the sucking, then switched back, and gradually cut down the length of breastfeed (I think)- maybe this could help with introducing the bottle? Also stick with stage 1 teats as the milk flows faster through a bottle than the breast, and stage 1 teats are the slowest flow (they come with the bottles that you buy usually).
  9. We had to get GG use to bottles at 5 months due to me going back to work for two days before the summer holidays. I had to get OH to give her the bottle and I had to be out the room. We really had to persevere and keep trying as at first she kept chewing the teat as well. When we used formula we went for aptimal - that seems to be the favourite with a lot people.
  10. Yes, my LO hates the cartons but likes the powder- we use Cow & Gate, after constipation trouble with SMA
  11. At 9 months I wouldn't bother with a bottle tbh. I would just get a cup (I got one that was different to her water cup) and keep trying at the same time every day. I chose a time before she was desperately hungry for milk, and made sure the milk was really, really warm. She started by not drinking any of it, then she would take a little bit (about 1 oz), and then took a bit more every day.
    I still bf most of the time, but lo (15 months) will happily drink milk (we're on gold top jersey milk) from a cup for her daddy if she needs to. Also, at 9 months, it really doesn't kill them to just miss a milk feed occassionally if you want to go out. I assume she's eating plenty of solids and drinking water/juice, so going out for the evening is perfectly possible as long as whoever is looking after her has some way of getting her to sleep. I went for my first evening out when dd was 7 months old and was refusing any form of bottle/cup of milk, but DH just gave her a yoghurt and cuddled her to sleep. We still haven't gone on a night out together but that's because we don't want to leave her with anyone other than grandparents, who live too far away for it to be convenient.
    I went straight to gold top jersey milk when weneeded to, even though she wasn't a year yet, because she was only having it occassionally. My friend swears that Organix follow on milk doesn't smell anywhere near as bad as the rest of the formulas, but that might just be her.
  12. Actually - agree with above I think bottles might be a waste of time at this stafe
  13. Thanks ladies. Jodi, I love the idea of a cuddle and a yoghurt instead of a breastfeed!
  14. I tried to give up from 6 months old and finally managed when he was 15 months! cut down the feeds gradually and replaced with yoghurt and cows milk but from a cup with a straw so its obvious that its not trying to replace breastmilk (ha ha) I was stuck with the last thing at night feed for ages until I got mum to put him to bed for 3 nights while I was physically out of the house and then he took the bottle just fine from her (not if i was in the house though - they can smell you I swear!) After 3 nights of mum he was fine to take bottle from me too and we haven't returned to the breast for 3 months (!!!!!)

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