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Would like to hear your views on primary music resources

Discussion in 'Music' started by ZoltanK, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Are there any primary school teachers out there who would be willing to share their views on primary music resources and primary music teaching generally?

    We are a small educational publishing company and we publish the Jolly Phonics, Jolly Grammar and Jolly Music programmes. (You can see more about what we do at http://www.jollylearning.co.uk.)

    We're looking at how best to develop the Jolly Music programme to meet teachers' needs, and are keen to talk to music teachers as well as non-specialist classroom teachers about what resources they use and what they think of them. We are NOT particularly looking for teachers who already use Jolly Music (though if you do, we would be interested in hearing what you think of it).

    If you like you can post your thoughts here or send me a message (theresa@jollylearning.co.uk), but ideally I?d like to be able to come to your school to have a chat with you and at least one of your classroom teachers who is not a music specialist, and perhaps observe a music lesson as well.

    I'll be really grateful for any responses!

  2. Hi.
    Where are you based I am in N Wales and would be very keen to support you with any musical developmen t as I have developed numerous music resources for primary specialist and non spec.

  3. There are many resources available to primary specialists and non-specialists alike but I really feel that teachers; particulary non-specialists need complete schemes of work with detailed lesson plan right down to providing a scripted lesson and MOST IMPORTANTLY accompanied with all the music they need and a list of resources/ equipment needed. And before anyone says this is exactly what ' Music Express- provides I'd like to say that as a music specialist I found Music Express for Key Stage mostly unteachable and the kids did not respond enthusiastically to it at all.
    When I was training my music lecturer showed me at least 3 complete music schemes. Now I can only find Music Express????
    Kindermusik International's ABC: Music and Me Programme is a fabulous programme to use as a model. Music is taught in topics, each one lasting 4 weeks. All the lessons are scripted and a non-specialist can even put on a fully scripted CD and follow along. All the music - which is varied - instrument play a-longs, chants, music to listen to, from other cultures, to move to, rhythms, sounds, songs to sing with a pitch range that is appropriate to the age of the child taking part AND recorded by actual singers and musicians rather than with synthesisers is provided also and any pictures/ rhythm cards etc necessary are also provided.
    I have not taught Jolly Music although I have heard of it and am interested to know more. I am very happy to talk to you. I am teaching music in a school to reception, years 1 and 2 at present.
    Please contact me: Ali Lunn at ali@allypallymusic.co.uk or through my website www.allypallymusic.co.uk

    x Ali
  4. Anyone else?

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