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Would it guarantee more work if you put down advance bookings only?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Dd89, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. Dd89

    Dd89 New commenter

    I am wondering if you would get more general cover in these quiet times for supply if you put yourself down for advance bookings only. I am thinking maybe if you are down for anytime booking (I.e being called 20 minutes before the day starts even) you may be put down on a reserve list by schools and agencies and get less work as a consequence.
    Any thoughts, experiences?
  2. ParisianPearl

    ParisianPearl Occasional commenter

    I would think it would be the other way round personally.
  3. nearmiss

    nearmiss Lead commenter

    What I am seeing is a massive glut of teachers joining supply agencies so that there is now a huge oversupply of candidates for a dwindling number of placements as schools increasingly cover internally with cover supervisors, volunteers, trainees in fact any one who hasn't got a criminal record basically.
    Schools who are strapped for cash have started to amalgamate classes, and are not replacing staff as they leave, so a a year group that previously had four classes of 25 now has three classes of 33.
    Further to this, agencies are not your employer, they are employment intermediaries. They are not bound to find you work unless the work comes along and even then, they are in competition with any other local agencies.
    There is no formula for getting more work as a supply teacher, even if you are really good at your job.
    It's all about money.
    Now that schools are being forced out of LEA control and can hire anyone who fancies having a go, payscales are going to drop through the floor. Grab it while you can.
  4. PizzoCalabro

    PizzoCalabro Established commenter

    I don't understand the logic - on the day it is a perishable commodity like an airline seat - if the agency has no-one to sell they make no money, and that opportunity is gone forever, hence their desperation.
    I successfully negotiated a higher rate this week on a day when I had a 7.10 call on a day I was not pre-booked, on the basis (obv not explicit) that if I didn't do it, there would be more calls to make, and another agency might grab the gig. The school had asked for me by name - but assume it would have played out the same even if they hadn't - a warm body is all the agency needs - they can, and do, spin the rest.
    Next week I have tgree pre-books and the other days will be call -ups, unless they are subsequently pre-booked. I like this, as the reason I do supply is that if I want a day off, if I am not pre-booked I can.
  5. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter


    There appears to be no pattern for supply. If you asked for pre-booked work only then you may miss out on last minute bookings. I am sticking with supply for the moment, but am looking for a side income as are many many people on this forum and others in other industries.

    I was at a school on Friday and saw two other supply teachers both of which had been doing supply for a long time just like me, so it does show schools will ask for experienced staff or people they know.

    I agree with nearmiss..there is no formula and it is all about money. You can, however, get asked back by schools by name if you do a good job and that increases work, but other than that it does not follow any pattern.

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