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Would I be wasting my GP's time ...

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by bacardibreezer, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. bacardibreezer

    bacardibreezer New commenter

    This is what I am thinking. One of the GPs I get to see a lot is very sympathetic and quick to sign me off work, but talks a lot about how I shouldn't worry so much, which really doesn't help. The one who gets things done is always fully-booked, for obvious reasons.
    I am going to get up early and phone and hope for the best. If I get the pep talk one, I'll book an appointment with the other afterwards. Might have to wait more than a week, but hey.
    Thanks again to everyone who has posted :)
  2. Hope you manage to relax and sleep okay Bacardi, thinking of you xx
  3. bacardibreezer

    bacardibreezer New commenter

    Thank you Kirigami but it's a safe bet to say that sleep is off the agenda. Oh for the oblivion of sleep. Still, gave been reading the thread on opinion for free bus petition - the funniest thing I've read in ages. Am crying with hysterical laughter.
  4. BB Hope that you managed to get an appt at GP ?
    Kiri - I know what you mean about sleep - up since 4am - hideous anxiety woke me with my heart pounding and worrying about everything - wish I had some diazapam - just to be able to zone out for a while......

    Had a tutor lesson this morning - difficult student whose parents expects a heck of a lot - including travelling to their daughter's school - a 40mile round trip - no petrol added to my hourly rate.......have done this for a couple of weeks but it has now got to the point where I don' t think early mornings can work anymore - I have chosen this job largely as it allows for flexibility and different hours from school days - but I struggle to say no. I now wish I had said no to the parent - the panic I am experiencing right now has a lot to do with this - told a little white lie and said I was feeling ill - I hate doing that - but think I must learn to say no to things that will trigger these feelings.
    Does anyone else feel as though their lives will always be permanently different from those who don't suffer mental health issues? ;(
  5. Hope you've got that appointment by now. If it's not with the doc. you'd like to see, make an appointment to see them, even if it's a week or so away. There's a fair chance that whoever you see today would expect you to be seen again soon and you're not going to be better suddenly in a week's time. No it's not wasting the GPs time. Incidentally, it's 2 weeks or more to see the GP for a non-urgent appt. here. and has got worse in the last couple of years.
  6. I am so pleased that our surgery is much better than that - I can pretty much guarantee to see my preferred GP in a couple of day at most - just as well, I have spent a lot of time there over the last few years.....I wish I could stop this anxiety today - the tears are bubbling under the medication induced surface
  7. moonpenny

    moonpenny Occasional commenter

    Just eanted to give you a great big hug bb
    ..you are really going through the mill. Def go to the docs...trouble with anxiety is it causes an excess of chemicsls in the body which run riot such ad adrenalin which hype you up even further.be kind to yourself and also thyroid problems can cause stuff like this cxxxxx
  8. You certainly wouldn't be wasting your GP's time. In fact, my GP told me to come back if I had symptoms similar to yours when I was signed off sick with stress last year and by the sounds of it, your symptoms are worse than mine were!
    I remember how horrible the symptoms were, so I do hope that you feel better very soon!

  9. I have never had depression or anxiety, but from the POV of a total layman, you need to stop and think about the extent to which the chemicals in your brain must be up the spout for you to be feeling this way - so how can it be a waste of your GP's time!?! If the chemicals in your other body organs were way off whack you'd have physical symptoms which you'd expect your GP to be able to address. This isn't any different, surely?
  10. What you are saying about "never having the same life as people without mental health problems" is typical of the illness!!
    I too feel like that when I am bad, when I am well I don't think about it or I think "depression is such a manageable conditions the meds and counselling really help!".
    There is no such a thing as a "normal life". People with Crohn's wonder what it's like to be normal, so do people with diabetes, lupus, arthritis, asthma........ so do people who have lost a child or have a husband with a gambling addiction or a family history of heart disease etc etc
    It's too easy to look at other people and "compare and despair" (that's what CBT calls this!) but the world is not black and white and everybody has to deal with their own problems....
    Thinking of you, I know it is tough, just try to be gentle to yourself until you can see the doc xxx
  11. bacardibreezer

    bacardibreezer New commenter

    Well, I didn't get either of the GPs I thought I'd get - got a locum who seemed very understanding. I felt very awkward going through what's been happening and came out feeling that I hadn't really relayed the desperation I have been feeling over the past few days.
    He's given me some different stuff to take at night (Zoplicone - or something?) I can't get an appointment with the GP I would prefer to see until a week on Wednesday!
    I'm feeling a bit better than I did yesterday, but then I didn't feel too bad leading up to the crying and shaking that got me in a panic in the first place.
    I have thought a lot about the strange thoughts about my family coming to harm if I do certain things. I know it's stupid, but I don't want to take any chances. I realise that I've had a tendency towards this sort of behaviour for a very long time - I just hadn't realised that I was behaving in a harmful way. I should imagine this will be looked into during my treatment.
    I'm a bit all over the place at the moment - can't decide whether to go for a long walk as I'm feeling really twichy and full of nervous energy - feel as if I need to be doing somethig. Then again, I just want my brain to switch off and stop thinking and am tempted to crawl under the duvet and try to pretend the rest of the world doesn't exist.
    Anyway, just wanted to touch base with everyone who's posted on here to assure you that I am fine and to thank you for your replies and kind words :)
  12. Is there any way you can have a telephone consultation with your preferred GP?
    I hope you booked the appointment anyway--you can always cancel it if needed.
    I also hope you have some company, you sound as if you need someone you can talk to close by.
    Take care and stay strong.
  13. Zopiclone is a sleeping tablet - works very well - have had it in the past when I had to get my brain switched off for a while and slip into the glorious world of unconsciousness for a few hours

  14. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    I'm glad you're a bit calmer, and that you have something to help make each day better.

    Thanks for letting us know! xx
  15. How are you Lily?
  16. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    I'm okay thanks.

    Feeling a lot calmer and relieved that I made a decision and it's all sorted for now.

  17. So pleased that the person you saw was understanding! I know what you mean about how well people actually understand the feelings in question, as I felt like that when I saw the OH doc before going back to work. Where my GP treated me as a competent intelligent person (which I am [​IMG]
    I'm also pleased that you're ok as in you feel that the visit helped! [​IMG]

  18. bacardibreezer

    bacardibreezer New commenter

    Well, sleep still as elusive as ever. Got some but feeling agitated again for the last couple of hours. Grrrr!
    Anyway, than you for all the kind comments.
    Lily - pleased to see that you appear to be feeling more positive. Hooe your decision was the right one for you x
    Why did I call you Liliy, Lilac? I never call you Lily! Anyway, hope you are ok x
  19. Join the insomniacs BB - horrible isn't it
    it has def got worse since the meds - not sure if I should even bother being on these - they are making me feel so much worse - my OH had a few flippant comments about the tablets making mw worse - what's the point in taking them if I get even less sleep, feel even more anxious and depressed. I know they are side effects but wondering if he has a point.
    I also said Lily - it's the meds, addling my already frazzled brain
  20. bacardibreezer

    bacardibreezer New commenter

    If I was an escaped elephant they would have shot me with a tranquilizer gun by now. I feel as if I could cause the same amount of damage as that elephant, so why can't they give me something to knock me out for several days? I'm sure if I switched off for long enough I would feel so much better.[​IMG]

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