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Would I be able to leave at half term?

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by mab7689, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. mab7689

    mab7689 New commenter

    Apologies in advance here as I have a lot to say.
    This September I started a new role at a school where I am employed on a fixed term contract till December. I was offered the job in June as I had done regular day to day supply there during the last academic year and it became available at late notice. While it isn't my specific subject it is within the same faculty. As the job is outside of my subject specialism they said to me that it would be only KS3 so I said that I believed I would manage and accepted it. I took it as I wanted to get into direct employment rather than supply, especially as I have outgoings to pay for, and it was an opportunity to get a term of induction complete as I am an NQT. In theory I thought I would be fine.

    4 weeks in however and the reality is that I don't think I am, purely because of the issue with being out of subject. I am in a great school that I like but now I have actually ended up doing the teaching and planning in practice I am finding it hard. We all know that teaching is a hard enough job as it is, doing it in a subject that my highest level of qualification is was a scraping of a C at GCSE, which for me was 10 years ago, makes it even harder. I feel like I am limited with what I can input as I don't have a sufficient knowledge foundation and as a result my delivery is satisfactory at best. To make the situation even worse I have several Year 9 groups who, while not being officially classed as GCSE, are doing a GCSE syllabus. This is purely because the school is in limbo because of the changes to the GCSEs at government level. I am finding this very tricky and the fact they are a difficult year group means as a result I am getting challenging behaviour in those lessons. It is making me realise that I am down, I am not enjoying the subject matter and I openly admit that if I were to be offered a contract extension to Easter/Summer then I would reject it as I know I am not the right person for the job. I will clarify that I have no issue with the school or the faculty or the workload, it is purely down to the fact that my initial perceptions and the actual reality of teaching out of specialism have differed. If I was teaching my specialist subject there I know it would be a different story.

    To add to the mix a job vacancy at another school that is relatively near have a job vacancy till July in my subject specialism so I have applied. It is also in the same academy trust as my current employer. It's advert says either for a November or January start. Now I know if I were to be successful in my application that a January start would be definite but I am wondering, purely based on that what the advert states, whether there is a chance I could leave at half term and start in November instead (this is obviously prospective on me being successful). I know it would make me a lot happier.

    I am just wondering:
    1) Is there a possibility I could do this if I was open and honest with the head and told them I wanted to go for the reasons I have stated?
    2) What impact it would have on induction - I might be clutching straws but I could the fact they are in the same trust mean they could collaboratively still count this term or is that me having a flight of fancy?
    3) Could it possibly have any impact on my career in the long term?
    All advice is appreciated.
  2. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    If you're on a fixed contract is there a fixed notice period on either side?
  3. mab7689

    mab7689 New commenter

    From reading through it it just refers to the standard resignation dates.
  4. Morninglover

    Morninglover Star commenter

    You really need to speak to your HT and ask if they will release you early.
  5. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    Talk to your HT - you need to ask them about a reference anyway - and say that while you understand the notice periods, you wonder whether they might be willing to release you early, if a suitable replacement can be found.
    In your application, you need to be clear that you are currently in a contract, so might not be able to take up the post until January unless your head is willing to release you early.

    It might be an advantage that both schools are in the same academy trust, as whoever is at the top may be able to see that the interests of the trust as a whole may be best served by you moving to your own specialism sooner rather than later.
  6. mab7689

    mab7689 New commenter

    I thought I would provide an update. I didn't get the job so I will have to stomach this till December and then move on. Hopefully something else will come up in January.

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