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Would anyone reply to a flat stanley for me please?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by strawberrykate, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. My little reading group have fallen in love with flat stanley and want to make him out of paper and post him with some info about them and our school. Would anyone be happy to receive him and post him back with something, pictures, writing by your kids, even leaflets or a prospectus. Anything to interest them, I'm sure receiving post will make their year!

    Anyone? You'd be making some 8 year olds VERY happy.
  2. Oh and we're a city school, very diverse but deprived urban area. A contrast for them would be excellent.
  3. My class would love it!

    I am thinking of doing that book next half term too so would be a great link x

    I have Y4 and we are a large-ish village school in East Yorkshire so a good contrast too!
    Joanna Gilbert
    Shall we exchange school addresses?
  4. We'd love to ! I teach year 2 is that ok ? Send me your details.
  5. I d love to do that, we re year 5 but a range of reading ability and they love the books :)
    What's your email?
  6. I think I've successfully sent PMs, please tell me if I haven't.
  7. You did and I've sent you an email!!
  8. Sure love to.
    we are pelham primary in bexleyheath kent and we too have fallen in love with |Stanley in year 2.
    We will write to you all tomorrow. Can you let us have your adress?
    Thanks pelham

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