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Would anyone like to swap Flat Stanleys with my class?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by blancmange, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. Hello! This sounds like a really interesting idea! I reckon I'd like to to do this. Which unit from the strategy does your unit link with and when are you going to be doing it? My class are mixed year 1 and 2 in Manchester
  2. Hi,
    I would be really interested in taking part also.
    We are a year 2 class of 30 from a rural school down in Cornwall, would be great to see the contrast in our areas.
    Please let me know if you are interested, thanks
  3. Hi - also interested. We're a class of 22 Y1/2. I have 8 Y2s so sending 8 my way would be fab. My school serves an estate in an old mining area of Northumberland - the mining and the jobs have all sadly gone so it's an area of high deprivation now. Most of my class have never left their local area so it would be very interesting to compare life with you.
    Please let me know. Am happy to exchange with anyone else as well.
  4. Great!
    I have 30 in my class. I think I'd be ready to send out the Stanleys in the fourth week of this term (the week beginning 24th Jan) and I'm sure I could send some to all three of you (bloott I could just send you 8, that would be fine)
    My email address is nicola_fuller@hotmail.com - send me a message if you think this fits in with your plans and we can arrange the details.
  5. Hi guys.
    I have to do a presentation as part of my interview for the PGCE Priamary in a university in London. I was wondering if the Flat Stanley project is relevant to the Uk Curriculum? I dont want to get up there and present this idea of Flat Patrick as my lesson and it has nothing to do with the curriculum. Has anybody any advice for me or should I just stick to the general things people do for presentations. We have to select an item which would promote learning and talk about why you choose the item etc!! My cousin in America sent me the Flat Stanley Project to complete for him. That is where I have gotten the idea. I think it is a great idea for the classroom as children can learn about other people all over the world. I have studied Geography in my degree so it is very relevant.
    If anybody has any advice on this topic for me, I would gladly appreciate it. Thanks!!

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