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Worst teacher in the world?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by FaithM, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Does anyone else feel like the worst teacher in the world? Had yet another convo with the head about everything about my teaching and am just feeling like the worst teacher the world has ever seen. :(
    I respond to feedback and adapt my teaching to suit constructive criticism but it is never enough :( Not enough self assessment, not enough modelling, not good enough levels, not enough effort....no positivity at all. It is similar for others in my year group.
    I am feeling really down and was wondering if it was just me? I love my job but all the pressure is getting to me. I wish I could just teach without being told that I am 'not good enough' all the time! Really starting to believe that I am not good enough for teaching, although my fellow year-groupers say I am fine and it is just the SMT 'picking' on me.
    Would like to know if anyone else feels the same, or if anyone else has any tips to feel better?
    Please be kind :)
    FaithM x x x
  2. Hi

    Don't feel too down! I often feel like this, feel like I don't know why I bother! Sometimes I think that the SMT often pick on the smallest of things. For example, we had a literacy and numeracy book scrutiny last week. I was told that my marking is good, infact I make excellent comments and relate them to the objective or target etc.However the children must present their work neatly and I should be pointing this out! Sometimes you just want to bang your head against a wall. If little 'Bob' now understands how to add 3 digit numbers I don't give a squibble what his book looks like.
    I feel like SMT will point something out to you relevant or not! In many ways I've learnt to build a tough skin and be selective about what I alter about my teaching. It's their job to find things to improve on, depending on your school whether or not it will be constructive.
    Don't be down, it happens to us all. Oh and your not the worst teacher, otherwise you wouldn't care what they think!
  3. Sorry that your confidence has taken a battering. But why would the SLT pick on you? How would they benefit from this?
    I'm only questioning this statement because it appears more and more regularly as an answer to under performance.
  4. Hello, try this...if you are a qualified teacher who works hard, gives it your all, takes all the advice on board etc etc and you are just cutting 'satisfactory' what is the HLTA achieving when she covers your PPA or the one day supply teacher? I think the whole system is flawed. The retainment rate for teaching is abysmal.The fact that you, and probably everyone else in your department, is feeling like this, speaks volumes. Don't beat yourself up. Not very constructive advice I know but try sleeping on it. Then focus on the positives. All this 'constructive' criticism can be disheartening.
  5. I agree! This is why I am feeling down and have not listened to my co-workers. My teaching observations have all come back fine, I just keep getting picked up on every little thing. I am under no illusions - I know that every teacher can do things to improve and I am listening and responding to the feedback given. My progress/levels are all fine and so is behaviour - my line manager says that my performance is good.
    Thank you for your reply
    FaithM x x x
  6. Because they dont like you, because they want to replace you with someone cheaper, because they are control freaks who dont approve of you teaching in any other way than is prescripted by them, because they need to blame someone else for failures in their system... to name but a few.
    I very much hope for you that if you ever find yourself in any of the above situations, amongst others, then you receive more sympathy than you have given, because believe me, you'll be desperate for it when your self-confidence has been trampled on until there's nothing left, through no fault of your own.
    And, dont get me wrong, I am not naive and I do understand that teachers who are genuinely poor would try to use excuses such as this, but do you think they would publicly admit what was happening if they didnt genuinely think they weren't that bad? And lets face it, most of us <u>know</u> if we are having a good lesson or a bad one, or if we are achieving the levels/targets etc that we have been set.
    I just feel teachers have a hard enough time as it is in this job, and are often very critical of one another, rather than supportive (and I have worked with both) and its nice to be able to have a place to come for a little sympathy now and then.
    Hang in there FaithM x
  7. dont feel like its just you. I went through a very similar experience recently. I am under no illusion that I am the best teacher in the world and welcome positive feedback on how I can help my class achieve but when you get told that they just need to make the required progress with no suggestions it is really stressful. I am told I take it too personally but I care what happens to my class and I want them to achieve. Hope things improve soon for you xxx

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