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Worst Headteacher ever

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by kemevez, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. kemevez

    kemevez Occasional commenter

    Imagine if he did a runner and did come back. Now that'd be a weird one!
  2. More seriously I was once appraised by a head teacher who stood watching the class for about 15 minutes from her/his position 20 metres away under a tree. S/he did this once and never asked me a question nor asked me my opinion about my teaching or in fact student learning in that or any other class. I assume that this and subjective gossip were the basis of my reference.
    Said Head is a well-recognised School Leader who has led several top International Schools across the world.
  3. cityfree

    cityfree New commenter

    UK head (now 'retired') turned a school from 'ok' to appaling in about two years. Made me want to stop teaching. Used to shout at teachers for no real reason (just a different opinion on how to do things) and undermine them in front of children. Complete bully. Spoke to children appalingly, would escalte situations with 'difficult' children. I have to say, I am thankful that Ofsted came in when they did, becuase my doc was trying to sign me off with stress after 4 weeks in the job, under that woman.
  4. ..and therefore departed several top international....
    An old Principal did something very similar to me. He and his wife sat and watched a javelin lesson of mine. Nothing said. Off they went.
    Sacked at the end of the year, they were, very unceremoniously as it happens...not exactly sadly missed so the odd bit of justice does trundle along every now and then.
    My above posting seems to have a paragraph missing. Nothing to worry about though, it was just the word 'mad' repeated over and over...and something about marrying a cow and swimming in the Ganges.., you know, the ususal stuff!

  5. Seems my paragraph reappeared.

  6. lovely.lady

    lovely.lady Occasional commenter

    Sorry to disappoint FP but this person was my Head in 2002 - or at least it is possible that he had a twin brother who was also smelly, incompetent and a bully! I shudder thinking about this person who took an average school into special measures within 2 years plus only refrained from bullying 2 members of staff out of 20 (or so) - 1 member of staff was his sister in law and the other he had intimate relationships with (obviously he wife did not know).
  7. Well Foney,
    You certainly got that one right. Sadly, there are several very prominent lead learners who are completely... limited?
    This particular one is/was not intrinsically useless despite it all. Nevertheless, it is quite often the case that someone who a few years ago rapidly climbed an internal ladder stays at the top simply because of the list of glorious positions that they have experienced. Never mind the quality look at my titles and my back rubbing friends!
    Reminds me of another clown, promoted from nowhere when there was very little going on in the world of international schools to be the Admiral of the Kuwaiti Great White Whaling Ship. Actually the Captain of that ship was another one! Time flies and now it appears to be sinking! Shame as the good sailors left behind and who have moved on all know how that particular set-up thrived... and it wasn't because of the leaders!
  8. Can't be, although he is still listed as such in 2001.
    Initials aren't GB are they?
    Intimate relationship?...No, no, impossible the man stank of jumble sale.

  9. bbibbler

    bbibbler New commenter

    Great thread, I have always wondered how Phomy ever got a job.
  10. Again, a clever comment, blighted by simple errors..
    Take us through that year off again. [​IMG].
    Come on, tell us; you know you want to...
    We can share your pain with you, blubber.

  11. Some cheap shots would say 'get a life'. I say, thank you for your concern...
    Toss and turn, and don't let the bed bugs bite...
    Speak tomorrows.

  12. bbibbler

    bbibbler New commenter

    I was attacked by an angry shower checker, luckily he missed me with the cricket bat, but almost blinded me with his Linx spray.

    Do you miss your Phomy showers?
  13. bigfatgit

    bigfatgit Occasional commenter

    I had a headteacher that actually went into the classroom and taught!!!
    Or did I dream that?
  14. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    One long-ago Head sent the pitbulls after me, in the form of the finance and personnel managers, for a 'discreet chat' after I had the nerve to park (unknowingly) in the Head's preferred spot. Threats were made. It was ugly.
    Another put documents in my file which were meant to incriminate me but actually did far more damage to the Head. When I subtly turned the conversation so that the Head realized this (without copping on that I knew), she craftily offered me some suggestions on things I could do which would incline her towards removing the documents from my file. I declined to be her dancing monkey, and she was stuck having to remove the documents without any conciliatory actions on my part. She's long retired, I'm happy to say.
    Perhaps the worst? Covering up for a teacher who'd accessed the student records and changed dozens of grades for the better, for students who were his 'special' friends. He was technically fired, but it's hard to apply that term when someone receives full pay and benefits for the next 18 months, including shipping and housing and flights and insurance. The grade changes were hushed up, and the official story became that only 1 grade had been accidentally changed when the offending teacher mistakenly thought that the teacher giving the grade had requested the change. (Then why was he 'fired'?) And the inquiry into the nature of the 'special' relationships never happened despite public promises that it would. The teacher who does this sort of thing is slime, and so is the Head who covers it up.
  15. Mainwaring

    Mainwaring Lead commenter

    I was timetabled for between 8 (big school) and 24 (small school) periods out of 40 throughout my time as a HT. More to the point, I actually used to teach the classes. Much more fun than bl00dy meetings and the bl00dy teachers can't get at you.
    Yes, I was something of a dreamboat in my earlier years, eventually shading into nightmare, of course.
  16. We had another one that used to say to pregnant women that he should have hired lesbians instead. And sent a letter to parents talking about some children from an orphanage that had come to use the school's sports facilities - he referred to them as 'sub-normal'.
  17. grandslam2005

    grandslam2005 New commenter

    Soory FP!

    Had been marking Internal Assessments all afternoon and was losing the will to live (due to students totally ignoring advice) so probably seemd a lot funnier than it actually was[​IMG]
  18. What amazes me is how some of them keep getting jobs! I worked under one Head who had been fired twice. He was a loose cannon to say the least and incompetent to boot. A teacher as bad as that would be forced to leave the profession.
  19. Mate, it doesn't work like that and it never has.
    Have a quick look at the KL threads.
    QE bloody D....
  20. bigfatgit

    bigfatgit Occasional commenter

    Many start off as **** teachers who are given good references to get rid of them, then get a job as an H.O.D.on the strength of the reference, then get a good reference to get rid of them, then get a job as a Deputy / Depute Head and then .....
    I know of one who got sent on a year's job swap to Canada and after a week, the Canadian school told him just to go off and tour Canada. Meanwhile his school in Scotland thrived under the Canadian. Of course, you can guess what happened after the year


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