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Worst Agencies...and Worst Agency Experiences...

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by les25paul, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. ...why oh why do things have to be so fakking complicated?
    ...Pedigree, you do talk a lot of sense. In fact you talk my langauge. The broken system that is supply teaching is just so horrible at present. Half witted ***, calling themselves consultants, (well thats a joke for a start), underpaid supply work, (next they be asking us to pay to go to work!!), insulting bookings (CS work for faqks sake!!!), lies, messing about, no work, no contact, rude and unprofesional...oh the life of a supply teacher....I am so VERY TIRED that if I continued anymore I wouldn't give a monkey's left testicle what I said next.....AGENCIES, most, if not all of you, hang your heads in shame for putting supply in such a position...
    .....and for you schools out there....well thats another story...
  2. Thanks.
    Yes, I too at present feel like Nina Simon..."..ain't got no home, ain't got nothing etc etc..."
    What have we got? Why the mess? Why the unfairness, inequity and injustice? Will there be an end to all this hell?
    Keep well but I'm [​IMG]

  3. emmadrg

    emmadrg New commenter

    Plus the ferry operator that re-registered its company in the Bahamas so as to avoid paying casual workers a decent wage. It would have eaten into their profits if they had to abide by the AWR. Disgraceful behaviour.
    I'm reckoning that a fair few of us supply teachers who do find long-term work could find ourselves out on our ar-ses once twelve weeks are up. I would have to be paid £150 a day on M5. The greedy b*stard agencies care more about making themselves money, so it will be the NQTs and M2s who get all the long-term work, or they will just get rid of the expensive teacher after 12 weeks with some sort of rubbish flimsy excuse and get someone else in. It's an absolute disgrace and if anyone finds themselves subject to such actions they should make it known.

  4. Half the problems are with interference from the state into markets. One being wages. If you let things mark to market, an equilibrium is reached.....rather than asset bubbles being propped up and the distribution of wealth being kept static. I'm looking to hire staff. At the moment I've been busting my **** in misery doing awful work which people would be glad to do. However, employment law is a total minefield and has been made even more complex with more red tape. It doesn't matter how you word a contract, it can be disputed.....so, how do I stop being the spade and focus on expanding when I am worrying about getting shut down by the authorities as I didn't pay someone £500 for 30 mins advice about some contract.

    If you over regulate things, you hinder the people who pay for the whole fun fair. It's all very well talking about Richard Branson living in Monaco, but most people work for your average Joe. If you stop Joe hiring by putting a minefield in his workplace, how can he expand and give people jobs?

    The problem is that the government has got too big trying to mop up the overpopulated mechanised workers with interfering non jobs, not realising that they have effectively sent an army to dig under their own foundations

    The whole thing is hopelessly skewed and with obstacles being put in the cogs of business by the government, how the hell do they expect us to "return to growth". It can't happen, they owe too much and are bust. At some point, we'll see the buyers be united with the sellers in a similar system, but it won't be this one. It is bankrupt.

    In the meantime, there is the grey market and waiting.
  5. cissy3

    cissy3 Star commenter

    Thanks for highlighting this thread ninasimone (on the other thread)
    I can't believe some of the **** people have been through. (Correction---unfortunately I can believe it)
    I might print this out and show it around to the people who still think that supply is a viable option.
  6. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    Everything about supply is now completely F**ked up (I apologise for the language), we have the new rules, which may explain why one of the agencies I am registered with is asking for new references (despite the fact that I have worked for them since 2010), why agencies are saying there is no work (it makes you wonder how they keep open?) all the time. We have the cheap and unqualified teaching becoming the norm and the role of the supply teacher slowly being confined to history. The rules which some overpaid and out of touch European decided on and is the classic 'one size fits all' approach to supply, this rule may work in the 4th Reich of the Eurozone, where supply is not a key source of income for many, but in the UK, where supply is a key source of employment, it as cost many supply teachers any chance of work, because as one agency told me, because of the rules, schools are thinking twice about using teachers, due to the rule.
    But as Nick Clegg keeps saying Europe is good for Britain and its Citizens, of course it is!
  7. We all know how the regulations and guidelines are being ignored by the schools. But to quote Nick Gibb headteachers may use their discretion about how they employ staff as long as they take note of the regulations and guidelines.
    But in my opinion that man does not know or understand what his officials have written or continue to repeat when challenged.
    He anwered a question in the Commons in 2010 about the use of unqualified staff for teaching purposes when there are so many NQTs unable to get work but he only referred to unqualified teachers and certainly did not say anything about legal restrictions on their use. So he does not know the difference between unqualified staff and unqualified teachers.
    In my opinion he was just misleading his fellow MPs and the public.
    Another example of his ignorance was his response to the points I had been making about the use of unqualified staff for teaching during PPA time. He came back with the point that HTs can use unqualified staff to cover during teacher absence as long as they take note of the regulations and guidelines. He does not know that cover is not involved during PPA time since the teachers are not absent; even officials at the DfE have agreed with me on this.
    I just wish that I could get a nice win on the Lottery in which case I would make leal challenges on the whole situation rearding supply teachers who are discriminated so much in so many ways.
  8. Hello Cissy3. Feel free to print this thread off..I mean there are 13 pages of it but it may make some headless souls wake to the nightmare that is supply teaching
    ....I am no prude and I will take my fair share of criticism if its warranted. But the **** and BS and Double BS we have to put up with is simply OUTRAGEOUS.
    ....yes, there are e-petitions and such like to make people aware of the quite nasty working conditions (and working pattersn) supply have to endure.
    ...I now couldn't give a flying $$$$ what anyone says. I have been polite, accomodating, willing in the extreme and punctual at all the schools I have worked in. In return I have been reciprocated with lies, empty promises, poor pay, excess duties and unprofessional agencies.
    ...I am a FAKKING teacher not a T$$$$$ who sits around on their ****!! I have been trained, got qualifications, experience (industry and teaching) and subject knowledge and I KNOW when AWR kicks in for those fortunate enough to work 12 weeks that agencies/schools will - how shall we say this? - dispense with our services.
    .....all we want is a fair crack of thw whip. So FAKK them all!!!
  9. ...get it off your chest historygump....I mean no one else is listening
    ...everything supply and basically good honest are saying is that system is broken and it anint working
    ...supply are being made fools of and like me, we are all too scared of saying anything, even though we are all getting a raw deal
  10. Denial, denial, more denial, blantant lies and utter stupidity...from MPs, heads and all the dimwit sycophants; what happens in April 2012 when QTS is "dismantled" and further devalued when the GTCE is replaced by the new Teaching Agency, a new "regulatory body" with more bureacrats?

  11. I joined Vibe in London, in 2009. They were very nice, sent off for references promptly and gave me my shiny identity badge; after which I heard nothing more from them. They were very difficult to reach on the phone, especially in the mornings.
    TP were just downright rude. They made a date for an interview, but when i arrived, I found that the person due to 'interview' me was 'not available'. I was told that someone would be in contact shorty to make another appointment for my interview. Needless to say, this call never came. Subsequent reading of this forum has revealed that TP have an eveil reputation.
  12. Thanks for the info Albertdog
    TP were full of promises of course nothing has happened.
    It a shame I have little money and had to go across london in hope for a job. [​IMG]

  13. ...never heard of the aforementioned agencies, but just like many agencies out there, it seems very few are honourable enough to be courteous and professional when it comes to basic manners and doing simple things such as calling people back.
    ...at the risk of sounding like a broken record, the supply system is on the verge of a complete meltdown.
    ...the system is broken and it seems anything goes. There appears to be no set rules as such these days, apart from the ones relating to compliance, but in the main, supply are having the $$$$ taken out of them.
    ...dont blame me or supply when kids leaving school with indifferent GCSE results or shall I say massaged results, will wonder what was the point of getting GCSEs when there are no job, no prspects and a rat race of an economy where morals have gone out of the window
  14. stan-dards

    stan-dards New commenter

    the kids are getting better results every year for the last 15 years & the cost of supply has gone down so well done the CSs TAs .Whats that in my cheek oh its my tongue!
  15. Yes, think I will ring them tomorrow and say 'can't come' cos I actually can't be bothered (considering they are most likely just like the others). Another consultant doesn't need me to fill up his books anyway!

    Another interesting point with ref to the other geographers, is that he didn't say how long the 'long term positions' were that they were in. He also didn't say whether it was teaching geography!
  16. stan-dards

    stan-dards New commenter

    A school has sent a reference to my agency can I get access to this reference.& will it cost any money?
  17. One agency which shall remain nameless but has a name which is a posh word for describing students asked me to attend an interview last summer for a long-term post in a school. I had been off sick for a few months at the beginning last year and had just got back to work. On the phone, the consultant told me that the school in question didn't like the fact that I'd been off sick (I know now this goes against the Equality Act 2010) but he would explain the reasons to the school, so would I go in for an interview. The consultant then told me that he was a communications expert and great judge of character and the school trusted him, so it was up to him whether I got this post. He then grilled me about my health again and told me that he thinks that the school would be concerned about the fact that I also look young for my age. He then gave me nice feedback after he interviewed me properly (as he suddenly realised who he was dealing with) and then finished by telling me that scratching my arms would not look good in an interview (I was boiling hot). Then he wanted me to go to the school later that day as he thought I'd be good after all but by then, I'd had enough and said I didn't want the job anyway as I wasn't fully recovered from my illness. He didn't like that either! Needless to say, I've had nothing to do with that agency ever since! communication expert indeed!
  18. I have very bad experiences with all the agencies I registered with. For example, Impact Teachers gave me ONE (YES, ONE!) DAY OF WORK A YEAR- even though the bloody 'consultant' called me every day asking me how I was. Christ! Who employs such ***. Because of them I am struggling financially, as I naively trusted them. Now, is there any possibility to do something about it, for example, sue the bloody Impact-blood-suckers? I will comment on other pitiful agencies. 90 percent of them register you, get another 50 quid for another (clean) CRB, I've got about ten of them, so it cost me ca £500, them they never call you. They register you to balance their bloody books. For example, something called
    Synarbor, Angel, Shield,Engage Education,A Star teachers; none of them gave me any work, even though before registration they called me day and night begging to come for an interview,how on earth does it work?????
  19. I thought I'd de-registered with one agency last year. After a nine month silence, they've phoned to say that a school has "seen my CV and references and is interested".....without mentioning the name of the school. Are they allowed to "introduce" us to schools without our knowledge or consent?
  20. jj80

    jj80 New commenter

    my oh my! well that pretty much sums up education agencies!!! Who do they think they are?!?! Oh I know who they are....search for them on facebook! lol Some have their pics and walls public...nice to see they are youngsters and this is their first real job. urgh...I am unemployed at the moment and thought about going back to supply, but no way!!!! lol

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