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Worst Agencies...and Worst Agency Experiences...

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by les25paul, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. the, 'i've got anther call coming through ' brush off. The "he's on the other line" brush off. The," He's in a meeting" brush off.
    the, "sorry we forgot to tell you we've reduced the daily rate", the," no one else seems to mind", blah blah.
    Agencies of any kind are the pits and I'll be dancing on their graves..
  2. ...yep, the brush offs are a real bind...this kind of behaviour didnt happen that much not that long ago....seems times have changed. I mean, I wouldnt have minded had this consultant called me back, but he didnt. Maybe I had something really important to discuss (which I did as it happens) so why not do the decent thing by calling back??
    ...Agencies and the schools are taking the P&&& at the moment and I now couldnt give a S*** about most of them, especially due to income concerns, I as many are doing, are having to take CS roles...its a JOKE!!!
  3. Yep. agencies and school are taking the proverbial and it is a joke. I have been branching out and thinking of joining more agencies, I used to have enough work with just two, but times are changing. I was thinking of joining Monarch and I will give Protocol a miss from what I have read here.
  4. I did a day's supply with a new agency on Wednesday last week. I have been with this agency since June, but this is the first time I have worked for them. On Wednesday my booking was on the online system, yesterday when I checked it has strangely disappeared. I don't trust this agency any further than I could spit, and I actually turned down work from my other lovely agency on the same day. I am worried now I won't get paid by them. Having seen so many threads on here about problems with agencies paying, on time or sometimes at all, I am so annoyed it might happen to me. I actually had to ask another supply teacher how to get onto the online system, and how often they pay. Apparently they pay every week, so it may be they will pay me next Friday. I have emailed them, and will be phoning them on Monday, but in what other profession do you have to "beg" for your rightful pay. It just makes me so mad!!!!!
  5. ...I am afraid your story pretty much sums up what others have been saying. Some agencies really do make you have to squirm and quite honestly this should not happen at all in a professional environment.
    ...what agencies are doing makes teachers bitter, angry and demoralised
  6. Well the agency I did manage to get some work with has now gone mysteriously quiet[​IMG] You get all hyped and optimistic for this to happen.This is the 3rd time now this has happened to me since October.I went for an interview and had to teach a lesson for a PPA job, waited over 5 days to hear feedback on that one and that was me badgering the agency.I went for an informal interview at a school that needed a reception teacher for 2 terms, again waited 3 days for feedback on that and now this.
  7. historygrump

    historygrump Lead commenter Forum guide

    I am sick of the lies and excuses, I have just 2 days since September and all we hear is the excuses, it is quiet or the consultant is not in (yes they are, they are, he or she is, are sat next to you) or we are trying to get work for you, you are the top of the kist for work.
    we all know that agencies have their favourites and then they have their reserve, for whne they get desperate. But why can the agencies not be honest and truthful, I am close to running out of patience and calling it a day. All because of the dishonest, deceitful and unprofessional nature of many of the consultants, they always encourage us to be profession in the name of getting more work, but cannot do the same themselves.
    As you may guess, I am fed up with them.
  8. I agree with you, historygrump. I am financially worse off by joining agencies, due to repeated requests for CRB checks for (probably) non-existant jobs, and for travelling expenses to placements that are either not as described or already cancelled. Since April, having joined four agencies, I have had two hours at CS rate (I was told the job would be a full day as a teacher), which would not cover the fares, when and if, I am paid for them, of course.
  9. ...same old story. The issue of CS work for teachers, is I think, the biggest bugbear of the lot. Quite sheepishly most agencies will ask you if you want to do CS knowing full well that in most cases we dont have a choice in the matter...well, we do, we can say no, but bills, have to be paid!
  10. Awfully unprofessional of me but on grounds of diminishing responsibility...Principal Resourcing left a message yesterday to say they need to update my references. They asked me the exact same thing at the beginning of the term then just before half term. I haven't had one job from them this term. Me thinks the pirates just want to know which schools I've worked directly with. 4 1/2 days work this term being my own agent lol!
  11. ...I dont think you are unprofessional at all...a lot of the schools and agencies have been though!
    ...as prevously on this thread, it has become a well worn issue that agencies and schools are pretty much in cahoots whereby good supply teachers are being disadvantaged purely for the sake of saving money. SO why feel unprofessional? Yes, it doesnt mean we have to stoop as low as them but without shouting about the nonsense that is going on then who is going to listen?
    ...a few days here and there doesnt pay the bills and when we are asked to undertake CS work its the agencies/schools that are taking the proverbial
  12. Ranstad (formerly Select) were good for me for several years. However, the regular crew have left and they have a bunch of newbies in who haven't been as good. A point a made in another thread, the agent there has made me out to be a **** teacher and left me feeling totally demoralised.
    Other agencies I have found are just employment agencies who move into teaching and don' know what education is all about.
  13. The description below is certainly true of HAYS EDUCATION...[​IMG]

  14. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    This was made abundantly clear to me less than two years ago when I went for an interview with an agency that ultimately found me no work. The agent quite cheerily admitted that employment agencies had stampeded into the public sector when the private sector recession hit, hence all the competition between them in recent years.

    Unfortunately they abandoned the sinking ship for a lifeboat with a slow leak in it, and doesn't it show?
  15. ....SPOT ON Chainsaw...what I have found is the lack of any empathy, consideration and professional courtesy of some of the so called agencies I have dealt with...as I say MONARCH were just about as bad as it got....some of the others arent far behind
  16. The stupid agency rip-off and dialogue continues:
    Supply Teacher: Good morning, JB I ringing you at 0730h, being as always "keen, willing and able" for any work. Are there any requests coming through?
    "Consultant at H*** Agency": You'll have to <u>register</u> with us and take out another CRB because you have not worked with us for over three months!
    Supply Teacher: Yes, but I have worked this term for several days in the LEA area not in "your" schools and have a five month old LEA ECRB that is perfectly acceptable to the school. You may recall that last term I worked on average three days/week as a specialist teacher in one of "your" schools?
    "Consultant at H*** Agency": It is not a H*** CRB and therefore not acceptable to us!
    Supply Teacher: Now, listen carefully if you had got me just one day's work in one of "your schools I would <u>not</u> need to go through all this added ECRB paperwork plus expense yet more paperwork involved with registration?
    Consultant at H*** Agency": [Silence....!?]
    Supply Teacher: Are you there? Did you listen to the question?
    Consultant at H*** Agency":[​IMG]
    On principle I cannot pay for yet another ECRB. No way!
  17. ...as I said earlier, MONARCH were fakking ****....the scenario you have written above pretty sums up the nonsense supply have to go through....I mean most of the time supply have no idea if they are compliant and only find this out when they call the agency to "touch base". Honestly, agencies have really gone downhill over the last few years...full of over officious K$$$$!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure they are trained that way....If im honest, its about time they were properly regulated and treat supply with more professional courtesy....Im sure if a REGULATOR was about and asked supply what they thought of their agency....most would change post haste!
  18. Another scam that agencies try is to ask whether you will do a 'few days' unpaid work 'just to keep up your skills', and so avoid having to re-register.
  19. ...DISGRACE!!!!!
    ...I also have a bad feeling reference the AWR coming into force when those in supply (if you are that lucky!!) have worked for 12 weeks.
    ...my experience of the BS agencies have given me tells me that I am going to face some uncomfortable "we have to let you go" just before the 12 weeks are up. This is to prevent me and others gaining their rights under the new AWR rules.....
  20. And yet this EU Agency Workers' rights directive was actually devised to BENEFIT the worker!???????
    How utterly perverse, bizarre and stupid of the smug banqueting, overpaid EU and UK ministers? Witness the complete fiasco of the unpaid/incorrectly paid Christmas casuals working for the Royal Mail but employed by an agency called Angard Staffing Solutions set up by RM as a cynical cost cutting ploy!


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