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Worst Agencies...and Worst Agency Experiences...

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by les25paul, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Gawd what a murky world we supply teachers operate in, with teachin agencies. Love it. Someone posts on here that such and such an agency is cool, then their non-supply family start talkin the agency up.
    And I thought I had seen and heard it all on supply, Outstanding amusement.
  2. Nina - I'm just trying to give you an honest opinion, it doesn't matter to me whether you think I'm talking sense or talking rubbish but with 90% of posters on this forum adament it's the "evil" agency that's killing your profession I'm entitled to my opinion.
    No, I didn't train for 4 years on a promise of a good job with good pay, I like millions of others trained for 3-4 years on a promise of a good job with good pay only to find out that I'd been a little bit misled about available opportunities unless I wanted to up sticks and travel the UK, so sought out something else before it became a problem financially.
    You also need to rethink your assumption that Agencies are forcing qualified teachers into CS work on CS pay, my schools will call me to ask for a CS, and insist in most cases they are a qualified teacher, I spent the best part of year refusing to fill these rolls and guess what happened? I lost half my schools to agencies that didn't... the same agencies that drove down the rates even further leaving you on less money regardless of the role. The reason I fill CS roles now is to maintain a relationship with the school - and guess where they come for the long term specialist positions and who they ask for, is it the stand up moral citizen that refused to go in for a day on half pay when they weren't doing anything else at all... or is it the teacher that wanted any work they could get their hands on in whats turning out to be a difficult time for EVERYONE?
    As for the compliance (you'll be talking about the 3 month CRB re-register?), you best talk to Safeguarding about that one, and if you can find a recruiter in the UK that would rather drag their teachers back in after 3 months to go through the same admin intensive process (2+ hours after you've walked out the door) then I congratulate you, common sense might suggest however that this is a legal requirement and there's nothing we can do about it...
    Recruitment Consultants are ten a penny, and there's more bad than good, a credibility problem when I'm dealing with a new school but for all the schools that have used me before it makes my job a hell of a lot easier, if only supply teachers would apply the same principles and attitude to the "available" work/pay (not the work/pay they assume they should be entitled to) then we'd get rid of all people creating a bad impression on consultants and teachers alike a hell of a lot quicker.
    "rant over"

  3. To agencyx It seems you have a poor opinion of us lot. However if you have been working hard on supply and asked to go in at half rates as a CS it is understandable that we are miffed. I agree the situation is not the sole conspiracy of the commercial private sector agencies.

    You as agencies would make more money if we are on higher rates. I understand that the schools push you.
    However even as a Temp one does not expect to have pay rates halved. However this is how it has worked out.
    The safeguarding CRB blah blah legislation is insane and highly predudicial to us, and is another thorn in the side for us lot.
    I will pay for a CRB every three years, the agency accepts it (portability) or they do not. Every good agency does their best to accept it.
  4. As for agencies, I think they are suffering quite a lot of threat as well. Maybe not a halving of payrates or sales commission, but a trip to the jobcentre. I was in the office of one of my agencies and the amount of staff was considerably reduced.
    The supply teachers, if we do not want to go in on very low rates then it is our choice (to be respected I think) . Nothing to do with being owed a job.
    However it is important that we do moan, whenever we can so our contract teacher colleagues may know what is going on, and that we are not happy bunnies. And importantly for those on contract, the locum aspect of the professional teaching job has gone.

  5. I note your lenghty reply AgencyX and please I am not offended by what you have said nor am I arguing that you are not entitled to your opinion...you are!
    That said, may I correct you on one extremely important point? This point refers to the age old sociological adage of individuals who wish to seek to improve their lot by educating themselves by forgoing current rewards for the promise of a future reward, i.e. better jod etc.
    What is the point of asking an individual to train and take out the 3/4 years to do it without some kind of future promise of a better job and life? We are at the stage now that encouraging youngsters to foster a professional career (whether that be teaching or otherwise) is bordering on pointless. By nature (and despite the origins of this post) I am an optimist and would prefer to dicuss this matter in a lighter mood. However, the mood in the profession is not light and is not being helped by a combination of budget cuts, agency overload and supply of teachers exceeding demand for them...hence the driving down of rates. This then means teachers are left or as I originally said, "forced" into CS positions, primarily as they have little choice. Its a case of either do something or nothing!
    I am afraid this issue of over supply of supply teachers and some of the problems highlighted on this and other posts is a bigger societal dilemma. The key to a wholesome society is education and by definition this requires participants, including teachers, to be valued. At the moment we are not and yes, while I agree with you that we are ALL suffering in these difficult times, why should we accept this status quo, without highlighting the things that are making these times even more harder to deal with?
  6. ..agencies are suffering as well. If they dont get teachers out there then they dont get paid...simples!!
    This has preversely now caused the rise of teacher acceptance of CS roles, an arguement that could light up a whole 20 pages of comments....at least!
    Whether anyone agrees with the above paragraph is entitled to their opinion but it is not a case of being owed something, its a case of valuing the impact teachers have on young peoples lives...so what price that then....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Conversation with agency at 8.30 in the morning
    Are you free today?
    Yep ready to go satnav ready if needed.
    Can you go to such and such a school (a school I have been to many times and taught, not supervised, not dished out worksheets)
    Its on CS rates
    The school will only pay CS rates
    Their choice I am not going.
    Good agency (ok they sort of leave it at that) respectful
    Bad agency (will bully you and hint that you won't get anymore work if you don't go).
    Nothing to do with being owed a job.
  8. ...its all balls-ox Geffone. Excuse the lack of eloquence with the reply but your succinct example pretty much highlights the plight supply teachers now face. I mean the intitial call to go a school is great then the almighty sigh replaces the glee when the mere mention of CS comes into the conversation....balls-ox
  9. I have told my good agencies that I do not negotiate pay rates in the morning of a call. I will negotiate at most other times to keep options open.
    When I temped as an agency waiter (catering and pretty vicious) the consultants were more professional than what we get in the so called 'professional', education centre. I blame the schools as much as agencies I understand agencies are pushed for sales these days.
    However they may be pushed as well on the work side of things. However no moaning from agency consultants if we don't go in, on the off chance of more work. In the secondaries the more work could be more CS work. If you are CS'n you are then unavailable for better paid supply teaching work elswhere. Any idiot trained in negotiation knows it is easy to negotiate down, however always difficult to negotiate back up
    Worth remembering that I am secondary and only talking about the secondary supply environment.

  10. ...good point. Sick and tired, like many, with the daft situation of negotiating pay first thing in the morning. Ordinarily, most supply will have signed a supply contract indicating rates of pay so why all of a sudden have we this ridiculous state of affairs that pay along with deciding if you would undertake CS work is something teachers want to do...
    One I do agree with is that the schools are just as much to blame...I mean where has all the "Every Child Matters" gone all of a sudden!!!!
  11. Yep every child matters. Well it does not in the secondaries if the school is going to leave GCSE coursework with haphazard cover from cover supervisors and the odd supply teacher called in to late, after it has been left for three weeks (and often longer) , very easy ECM outcome on that one!
    Quality Mark, Well Quality Mark will not get quality if the schools and agencies want to negotiate and offer half a day rate at 8.30 in the morning with us lot.
    Agencies and schools in the secondary environment. Be a bit clearer on the job which is proposed. If the job is to take up and catch up on coursework with challlenging groups which the perm teachers may have got stressed out over, then we supply expect proper rates. In the secondaries you need massive experience to take on messed up coursework. An agency and school thing.
    You can have a PHD in a related subject but getting to grips with exam board specs and feeding back to students is a very demanding job (particularly when you have to do catch up)the PHD won't make much difference, experience of the exam board spec does.
    Supply teaching was a three way thing not to long ago, the school, the agency, the supply teacher.
    2011 it is a two way thing, the school, the agency, we as supply are out of it,
    wyonamason likes this.
  12. ....couldnt agree more. Anyone else reading this thread may think this has become a 2-way convo between you and I but I urge others to get involved.
    I agree things have changed radically over the last 12 months or so. Its harder getting day to day, let alone short/medium term bookings. This is down to the many factors. Schools need to ask themselves how on earth they expect kids to be motivated when faced with non-qualified people who knowing nothing about the spec and moreover cant handle the kids. This is where experience counts. I recently took a long term booking in exactly the circumstances you stated and it wasnt down to my subject knowledge that helpe me get through but he experience gained in dealing with disaffected kids.
    Schools and agencies...well some of them at least...hang you heads in shame
  13. Even more disgusting is when you find that your day of supply teaching has been downgraded to CS after you have completed it and are looking at your payslip in disbelief.
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  14. Hays Manchester nasty liars.

    Rantadt Stockport nasty liars. I really don't know how these people live with themselves.
  15. S*le*t Plimuff. Total and utter cunits of the worst possible sort. Parasitic tapeworm-in-a-tapeworm scum. Awful Mizzzz Findlay taking the *** at stupid o clock in the morning. Unprofessional, parasitic verminous rats. GRRRR!
  16. ........nothing like being bloody skint to make you put up with the treatment. Being abused because you are totally begging for your next food money. Hideous experience that I will never repeat in any sort of order, or even approach 1% of that behavior to my own staff.
  17. On Monday, I had a cold-call from Tee ITN (this what it sounded like, anyway). Usual stuff; they found my CV somewhere and they have two vacancies in areas close to me in my subjects. The interviews are on Monday, so I would have to register with the agency this week. I was told that all I would have to pay for would be a(nother) CRB. I had a look through the usual jobsites (Reed, CV Library, TES, etc) and no schools in Greenford or Neasden are advertising for science teachers.
    I assume this just another 'trawl'.
  18. yes, albertdog...the worst feeling when that payslip (if you can call it a payslip) is opened and you realise what a load of balls-ox doing CS on CS pays feels like...I am afraid most if not all agencies are downgrading supply teachers to CS work.
    I think its about time the govt were more involved in this matter...might get local MP involved...wasnt there a petition to prevent CSs taking classes recently??
  19. Rrory....just wondered and tell me to go away if you want but what kind of lies were the 2 agencies you mentioned getting up to?
    This thread has run a long way and I get the feeling that the vast majority as opposed to the minority of supply are being told a lot of balls-ox from even the better agencies, e.g. I have a school for you but its on CS terms or such and such a school can only pay £X per day and so on...
    My understanding is that the 2 you mentioned were OK, but your experiences obviously say otherwise
  20. ...nothing like getting it off your chest Suart....some of the *** these agencies employ just simply dont have a clue....little in the way of professional courtesy and certainly no idea as to what teachers need...we have become a dispensible resource...im looking after No 1 from now on in

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