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Worried: why has depression not lifted properly yet?

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by Kirigami, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Thanks yirg, I hadn't noticed your post sorry!
    That sounds encouraging about the "not putting yourself in situation where you can't cope".
    I am having to tell my friends / former colleagues about the situation because some of them want to meet me for a cuppa and some days I simply cannot do it ....
    The majority have been a lot more understanding that I thought.
  2. Did mindfulness help yirg?
  3. My friends have been very understanding and very supportive when I've cancelled plans because I couldn't face going out or talking to anyone. I highly recommend Mindfulness. I was lucky enough to be able to access a brilliant course through the NHS. A 3 hour session every week for 8 weeks, having completed the course I am now also able to join guided meditation sessions at a mindfulness centre near me for two hours a week for a nominal sum. I can recommend the book the mindful way through depression. It comes with a CD for guided mediation there are also several apps you can down load to a phone.
  4. I do have the book but gave up through lack of motivation "on my own". Must give it another try though, the results in terms of relapse prevention are spectacular (reduced by 55% I think?).
    Will have a look at phone apps.
    My friends have been a lot more supportive than I expected too. One of my good friends has been popping in to keep me company some evenings, going shopping with me etc. It's made our friendship so much stronger!!
  5. I had the book about a year before I did the course and found it really hard on my own, if you can find a course it makes a huge difference. I'll have a look at my phone later and see what the apps were, check out the Oxford Mindfulness Centre ((where the author of the book is based) website and on iTunes and iTunes U they have podcasts etc to download. It has given me a totally different perspective on life and if I'm diligent about it I can stop myself "slipping" into unhelpful thinking. My friends and family have been totally brilliant, horrible as the last months have been for me the experience has strengthened many relationships. I always knew my oldest daughter was amazing but she has been super incredible and exceptionally wise beyond her 22 years. I've found it's a case of those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind. Take care feel free to PM if you want to.
  6. You are absolutely right Yirg!
    I too am finding that having to come out (in the past I was able to fake it or just stay at home for a weeks then I'd bounce back very quickly) has strengthened my relationships with the friends who know about the situation. Even my mum has become a real "campaigner" for mental health issues and will tell ignorant people in our village who gossip about people with mental health issues "well, a lot of people get depression, nothing for them to be ashamed of!". She has suffered from an anxiety disorder since having me in in her mid 30s and one thing that depression / anxiety has done for me is truly help me understand what she went through! I remember as a teen being angry thinking "mum's so annoyingly neurotic!" because sometimes, out of the blue, she would getting incredibly panicky about going out for the day and so the outing had to be cancelled. Now I understand her completely and feel bad I was ever impatient with her!
    When I was first diagnosed with depression it was a case of "mustn't tell anyone!" whereas now I am slowly being more open and honest about the situation. By in large, people are very good. Soo many colleagues / friends who seem to have perfect lives will come to you and say "my husband / father has depression" or "my sister was cutting herself because of bad OCD" .... The "Time to Change / Time to Talk" campaign was right, once you start talking about mental illness, so many people will start talking too! I didn't believe in the "1 in 4 with mental health problems!" but I am starting to now!

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