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worried sick

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by chemistry2111, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Hope everyone is well in their different situations. Love and best wishes GTA xx
  2. 2bgr8

    2bgr8 New commenter

    Hi GTA, good to see you!
    Waving hi to all the other peeps on here.

  3. AckyWacky

    AckyWacky New commenter

    Hi everyone. I thought I'd pop on and say hello. Love to all xxx
  4. Hi Acky! I have so missed this thread at the top. I do hope you are well. I expect you still get big ups and downs from time to time but I hope life is gentler for you now.
    Hoping your job si more secure and your super family are still keeping you sane! Will DQuacky be back from university around now? Think she started the same time as Master Non, who came home yesterday with half a term's washing.... some of those socks look pretty crusty -Tut! Still, he's already changed a bit -spent half an hour last night voluntarily wielding ...(big fanfare....) -a teatowel!
    I am well, apart from the mega-hot flashes and a bit of creakiness, although have to go tramping back down to the hospital to be wired up to an ECG gadget for 24hrs -apparently the galloping bumps in my chest (no, not that sort) that I attributed to another megamenopausal drug sideeffect are some heart rhythm trip-ups that are almost certainly harmless but need checking 'just in case'. I don't like it when doctors say 'THAT's interesting...'(specially don't like the little three dots) -even when they immediately cheerfully qualify it by 'But it's probably nothing' -I much prefer to be boring full stop!
    Still, that's not for 6weeks. So hopefully they expect me to be boring, too.
    Anyone else still looking in? I have to say I ran out of steam as to what to write but I still often get reminded of so many of you. I got such a massive amount of support on here myself, and so many others had it a lot tougher than I did...
    best wishes to everyone, hope all is well with you
    non xxx
  5. I still read whenever there are new posts. Hope everyone is doing well - I do still think of you all. I'm still around on the TES, but tend to frequent the baby forum these days as I now have a gorgeous baby daughter who was born in January and who takes up rather a lot of my time.
    Annie xxx
  6. Congratulations Annie!! What lovely news!
  7. AckyWacky

    AckyWacky New commenter

    That is such good news Annie. Enjoy every minute [​IMG] I cleared out the photo cupboard last week and it only seems like yesterday since my two were so little.They had never even seen most of the photos before so we had much fun (and a fair few tears) reliving memories. I hope motherhood is everything you imagined it to be. Love, Acky x
    Hey Non. Sorry to hear that you are less than 100%. Fingers and eyes crossed for your ECG. DQAcky doesn't finish uni until the end of May. LittleAcky has a couple of exams at the beginning of May but is mostly home as the course is finished. I used the lump sum from Tom's pension to buy a flat for both of them which works out really well. I stay there at weekends on the way to visit my mum. Mum takes up a fair amount of my spare time but is managing to stay in her own house so far. She is difficult in that she refuses any kind of help and won't join clubs etc which would ease her loneliness. Sometimes I wonder how I juggle a full time job with running 3 households. Baby steps have given way to burying my head in the sand. If I wait long enough some things sort themselves out. Like mum losing her bus pass... waited a week and now she appears to have two [​IMG] It is good to be blethering again. Love to you too xxx
  8. Lalad

    Lalad Star commenter

    Hi Non and Acky - like Non, I drop in from time to time to see if anyone I remember is around, and there are lots of new faces, which is how it should be but it's also good to hear from you both. My son has just come back from uni too - it seems really strange that they are supposedly at uni for the year and come back for weeks at a time, then finish in the middle of June! Still, I suppose they have to fit Glastonbury in, don't they? My daughter graduates this year as well.
    My parents have moved near us now - it's not easy is it Acky? They are 85 and 78 and still in their own place but they are getting so frail now. It's hard to strike a balance between letting them keep their independence and persuading them to accept help. At least if your mum loses her bus pass again she can use the spare one!
    I hope your tests are ok Non - I often think the waiting is the worst part.
    Lal xx
  9. Hi there everyone, it's lovely to see this thread revived :) I do look in often and check.
    Lovely to read up on people's news. Non I had to have an ECG a few months back due to a fainting do. My MIL was terminally ill (she has since died) and I went to visit her in hospital. I fainted. The nurses put a blood pressure monitor on me and my blood pressure was through the floor. They rushed me to A & E because they thought it was my heart. I had alsorts of tests but they couldn't explain the faint. Trouble was that this do triggered panic attacks. So now if I just jump up quickly and feel a bit dizzy it starts this awful panic attack. OMG that coupled with menopause symptoms I am a wreck lol.
    My eldest is doing her masters degree at the moment and the youngest has just turned 18 and planning on Art/design at uni. I am started to feel old now they are both over 18. I don't have any children anymore. Make the most of it Annie because it goes so quickly. I have seen photos of your little one Annie and what a cutie :)
    Was really pleased to read your news Acky and goodness you must be busy.
    Hope the tests go well Non
    Take care everyone xxx
  10. lonneymiss

    lonneymiss New commenter

    Hey all,
    It was lovely to see that this thread seems to have been revived a little. Lovely to hear from you Acky. Glad to hear you are doing ok and still taking those baby steps. I really can't remember how much I have filled you all in with on her.
    It will only be another week or so and it would have been 6 months since Mum died. |Every day is like a roller coaster. Some days I think I have accepted it and other days I feel like I want to personally pick a fight with a giant liver and tell it how much I hate if for pinching my Mum lol. On the whole am doing okay though.
    My OH was made redundant so ended up having time off with stress but then they changed their minds and gave him his job back at a different place so he is much happier now.
    Hmm where do I start with school? Ofsted came in January. School failed miserably so we were put into special measures. Ks2 resigned the day after and then was told the HT was leaving too so that just leaves me lol. We now have another HT who is helping from another primary school 2 days a week and we are waiting for a new KS2 teacher to start. Needless to say that morale at school has been slightly low. Oh well I am happy enough as I have been asked to go full time there from September. I know it is a bit cowardly but the more I am in school then the less time I have to think!
    The boys are still trying to eat my house and are currently polluting my front room with dubious smiles!
    Sending lots of love to everyone xx
  11. 2bgr8

    2bgr8 New commenter

    Hello all

    so nice to see some familiar names here! i haven't popped in for ages, life has been pretty hectic here but nothing to complain about.

    Congratulations on your little girl Annie! Enjoy every minute! The time sure does fly!

    So lovely to hear how you are doing Acky, I think of you often and wonder how you are. Got a science position going at our school if you are keen ;-). have you heard from Margey at all??? (waving to Margey in case you pop in)

    Yes Non, I also want to know how yor garden is doing- how are those pesky snails?? ;-)

    Sending hugs to everyone else.
  12. 2bgr8

    2bgr8 New commenter

    Sorry! There were Paragraphs!! EEk on the lack of capitals and typos. I am using my ipad and haven't quite got the hang of this keyboard.
  13. Hi everyone! I have just come back on here after a few years and it was nice to see a familiar thread! i used to be 'tryingtoteach' and had lymphoma a few years back (forgot my password so set up a new name!). Just thought I'd bob in to say hi to everyone and hope you are all well. Things here are good, been back at work since got the all clear but have been off for a while after having a gorgeous 10 month old baby girl [​IMG] Unfortunatly my relationship didnt last after the cancer, but I have since met a new man and have a lovely little girl out of it.

    Hope everyone else is well xxx
  14. impis

    impis New commenter

    Hi SD - thanks for popping by. I'm so glad that youve been given the all clear, and that you're now happy with a new baby and relationship.
    I'm sorry to read about your previous relationship - but I beleive things happen for a reason. Without that failing, you wouldn't have had your lovely little girl.
    I wish you every happiness and a long and fulfilling future.

  15. Congrats Non on your 6 monthly achievement [​IMG]
    Just the same problem here. My lovely lillies which were fine last year are now all chewed up and tattie.
    It`s those horrible red things I sometimes manage to catch and crunch !!
  16. casper

    casper New commenter

    Hi, so lovely to see familiar names.. I am in hospital at the moment. had a really rough time. Had a parathyroid op in September then a parotid gland op in dec. a cyst removed from the bone on my finger.Now i have just had a breast reconstruction. I had real trouble after the op with the anaesthetic. Been on drips for days as I was so sick i became dehydrated . In bed catheter drip huge amounts of antibiotic syringes every few hours. Could not sleep as they woke me every hour for a few nights and then moved to every two hours. Woke me to give me antibiotics and check blood pressure and wounds etc, then I had oral antibiotics and could not eat for days . Antibiotics changed now and iI have started to eat.Had a serious problem with the hospital food, My daughter who was anorexic is just finishing her second year of a psychology course and doing very well. The recon job has been done brilliantly by a brilliant surgeon, so perhaps in a few weeks time I will appreciate it.
    Take care everyone. casper xxxx
  17. casper

    casper New commenter

    I am home could not stand hospital food any more. I was getting very depressed. I had a really big sob this morning as another night with my tummy rumbling and not sleeping. My drains came out today and I was allowed to go home a few days early as long as \i do nothing. I can potter around gently, no lifting,no housework haha, no driving for a while. Lovely to be home.
  18. Lalad

    Lalad Star commenter

    Hi casper - it sounds as though you have been through the mill a bit recently, so I'm very glad they have let you go home, where you can just relax and do nothing! Your daughter is doing so well - mine is about to graduate. It's hard to believe that 3 years have gone by since she started at uni.
    It's good to hear everybody's gardening tales - takes me right back to the old days of this thread! I have to say I am a total novice as far as growing things is concerned BUT I am trying to grow tomatoes for the first time this year and have just put 6 little plants out. I'd love to try doing a hanging basket but have no idea what plants to put in it, so I might have to buy one again. Can't remember who mentioned slugs, but my son sleeps in our "shed" and came in to the house barefoot last night - he stepped on a massive slug that was in the middle of the path!
    Lalad x
  19. Lalad

    Lalad Star commenter

    Hi everybody [​IMG]
    I was going to start a new thread but would love to know how you all are, so decided to post on here! Casper, how are things with you?
    Please would anyone with experience of radiotherapy tell me how it is likely to affect someone in their 80's? My dad has just had an operation to remove a large growth from his face and has been told he has skin cancer. He is recovering well but now has to have a course of radiotherapy.
    I'm really wondering what to expect. I've watched the video on the Macmillan site, which suggests he might have treatment for up to 20 minutes each day for a week or so, which will be really difficult because apparently the machine in our nearest oncology centre is being serviced so he will have to go to one over an hour's drive away - normally I would take him but I have hurt my back and can only drive short distances. Even travelling as a passenger is extremely uncomfortable.
    My dad is also the main carer for my mum, who is in her seventies - they still live independently - so even if they keep him in, that still presents difficulties because she has had several falls recently and I would be worried about her being alone overnight for that length of time.
    At the moment I am just trying to get my head round the logistics of it all but also having a bit of a worry about how he is going to cope with it all and would welcome any advice.
    Lal x
  20. AckyWacky

    AckyWacky New commenter

    Hello Lalad
    I don't know what made me look on here today... waiting for a coat of paint to dry and killing time. I haven't been on much. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad, you must be so worried. There are several things you can do which may help. If you contact your local cancer support centre, they often run a transport service for patients who are unable to drive. It is usually free as drivers are volunteers. Have you spoken to social work department about your mum? Again, they may be able to provide respite care for your mum until your dad is well enough to cope on his own. Or would your mum be ok about moving into a respite home for a short time? How about friends taking a turn each day if you pay for their fuel? Bus? Train? Normally they would not keep him in overnight, I think he'll be home each day. When does his treatment start? I hope your back eases up and you get some of the transport practicalities sorted soon.Take care x
    How are you Casper? I hope you are on the mend. x
    Love to everyone else too xxx

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