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worried sick

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by chemistry2111, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. casper

    casper New commenter

    Thinking of you and ((((Acky))))
    Well still no heating in my department. I keep being told that it is being fixed tomorrow monday next week and I am still waiting. The heating I have been provided with was a) lethal b) inadequate. The kids tried to set alight to my department with the first lot of heaters. I had to insist that the heaters were removed. Now after complaing to Head , line manager,member of staff who deals with H&S and union I have gone to a teacher govenor. You can imagine the impact of that.All I get when I try to talk to the Head about it are costs. Said the other day, I do not care how ,much as this is not my problem. After govenors meeting better heaters appeared, they are keeping myself and pupils warm. They are now making the electricity trip, several times in one day.

    I told my husband about the electrics and he said that they should not keep re setting the elcetricity as this could cause a fire. He was horrified. My pupils have now said that they are going to get thier parents to complain. Infact apparently their parents have offered to complain
    This has been going on since I went back after my thyroid operation at the begining of october, but the supply teacher had already been using these heaters before I got back. I am very cross.
    Sorry to bore you with a long post.
    Hugs to you all
    Casper xx .
  2. Casper - has your department got heating yet? That situation is ridiculous. One classroom in our school today was only 16 degrees, schools need to realise that it's hard for kids (and staff!) to work when it's so cold.

    Margey - I read your post on pancreatic cancer the other day. It is definitely a disease that there isn't much awareness about. My grandpa died of that in 1989 when my mum was 29 so your post means a lot to me.

    Lonney - I often think of you. How are you? Hope you are as ok as you can be at the moment.

    Non - how are you? Hope you're well.

    Foreverblue - how are you feeling about your new job? It starts in January doesn't it. Hope you are managing to keep well.

    Well, my mum is doing well and is currently having radiotherapy. She finishes on the 8th December :). The radiotherapy dept where she is attending sound amazing and for Christmas she has asked us to make donations to the cancer part of the hospital she goes to :). We had a few problems with delayed treatment in the beginning but things have vastly improved since then which is good :).

    I have got myself into a bit of a panic! I have this movable, painless lump in my left armpit. For the past month or so I have had an on and off aching/burning sensation in that area. Now, I am trying to convince myself it's nothing but I can't help worrying. I am only 25 so chances are it'll be a cyst or something, but as I said, I can't help being a wee bit panicked. I went to the doctor about the lump over a month ago (a little bit before the aching sensation started) and he said he thought it was an enlarged node. Blood tests were done but all came back normal. However, it is still there. It hasn't grown and it doesn't hurt. As I have developed this aching/burning feelign I have another appt booked for the 11th December. Will the doctor think I am being a hypochondriac? I am just a bit worried after everything that has happened with my mum.
    Hope you are all managing to keep warm. x x
  3. Hiya,
    I'm doing ok thanks Cupcake, I'm trying to build my stamina up ready for January which is when I start. I went in Thursday morning for the first time and I'm going in all day Thursday. I'm looking forward to it in some ways but still nervous and worried about how I will cope with it. I had a really busy week last week, I made sure I did something everyday and some days I was doing quite a lot and by Saturday afternoon I was really really tired so I'm still not quite back to normal. I had a good old lie in this morning but then went swimming. I would definitely go back to the doctors about the lump! Don't be afraid of hassling them for tests if you feel that something isn't right....I dread to think what would have happened if i'd put off going back to the doctors. Chances are it's something and nothing or something not serious but you absolutely must get it sorted out one way or another.
    Love to all.
  4. Thanks foreverblue :) I'm not surprised you felt tired after being so busy, especially so soon after your treatment. Remember to take it easy and make sure you enjoy the holidays with plenty of rest and relaxation. Hopefully your school will be very supportive and ease you into work gently. I am a primary school teacher so if you ever need any support/advice you know where I am!
    I will definitely keep that appointment about the underarm lump. Hopefully it'll be nothing, especially as nothing showed up on the blood tests. Surely if it had been somethign sinister the blood test results would have revealed that? I'll go anyway....
    Did you have to visit the doctors a lot to get your diagnosis then?
  5. I went a few times the GP, initially I was told it was Laryngitis, they referred me for blood tests, then I saw a different GP and was told it was just a virus and the gland would go down, but in the meantime they had rung me and asked me for more blood tests. Then my eye lid swelled up so I went back in and saw my orginal GP and he referred me to haematology tthen. From there the diagnosis took about a month, a scan, 2 biopsies, then a bone marrow biopsy...I'm just lucky in a way I suppose that my GP did refer me fairly swiftly once he realised the gland was getting bigger. I'll definitely let you know if I need any advise / ideas for school. I feel a bit lacking in ideas / inspiration for school things at the minute, I think because I've been out of it for 9 months and not had to think of exciting ideas...feels like the brain has gone to sleep!
  6. lonneymiss

    lonneymiss New commenter

    Not up to posting much but just wanted to send you all my love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  7. big hugs to you too, lonney. Hope you are feeling ok. And these ones are for you!

  8. Lonney - sending you lots of love. xxxxxx

    Argh I am freaking out slightly. The lump under my arm is still there. The on and off aching sensation is slightly worse than it was and radiates all over my armpit and down the side of my left breast. Doc's appt is on Saturday. I know it's highly unlikely that anything serious is wrong given that I'm only 25, but I can't help it. Am losing sleep and I keep losing my appetite (VERY unusual for me, I love eating!). Anyway, just thought I'd let my worries out on here.

    Hope you're all well x
  9. yes, choccc, you are right that it is very unlikely to be anything serious at your age.
    And if it's painful probably points to an infection anyway -you don't want to have something like that sitting in you untreated either, but it makes it even less likely to be cancer-related -those are nearly all painless anyway. And hence often disregarded too long...
    So, keep optimistic. Fingerscrossed it's sorted as fast as possible, whatever it is!
    thinking pf you
    non xx
  10. Thank you non. The lump itself is completely painless, it's the surrounding area that aches on and off. I have just treated myself to some Lindt chocolate and feel better for it!

    x x
  11. AckyWacky

    AckyWacky New commenter

    (((Lonney))) x Thinking about you my friend.
    Casper - It doesn't sound like you are having an easy time at all. Would you like us all to come round and sort them bullies out? It is the worst feeling when you are in that kind of situation and there appears to be no way out. Take care x
    My school is closed today and tomorrow. I would rather have made it in this morning as I spent 6 hours in the cold with a very heavy bag trying to get to work. No trains, buses or taxis meant I ended up back home anyway. I had to buy thermal undies from M&S because my teeth were chittering so much... and yes I was wrapped up to start with. Brrr.
    I hope the rest of you peeps are fine [​IMG] Love Acky x
  12. Hi everyone!
    Just read your post about your underarm lump cupcake. I have had this for years and years. If I poke about I can feel movable lumps under both arms. Also I have a lot more breast tissue under one arm than the other and that can swell and be very sore around period time. I had it checked years ago by a doctor, and specialist but nothing to worry about. Yours sounds like a lymph node. My doctor said they can sometimes come up and stay like that. If you are poking around feeling it then it will be sore around that area. Am sure you will be fine xx
  13. Hi all, hope you are all keeping well. Have a good time at home and enjoy your holiday, 2bgr8. CCupcake, hope you are getting somewhere with finding out about that lump!

  14. grr missed half my post off the end. Though all I was going to say is that I hope eveyone is ok,and I hope you have a good, restful holiday, even though it's tough for some, specially if you're missing people like Acky and lonney... hope the happier memories come back to keep you going over the festive period...
    and casper I hope your staff come back with a few more positive resolutions, no doubt endofterm pressure hasn't improved their attitude yet! Have a really good rest with your family, you certainly deserve that
    Love to all
    non xxxx
  15. casper

    casper New commenter

    Just had another op feeling grotty.
  16. Hi all,
    Casper, hope you feel better soon. x x
    Well, I went to the docs. He was lovely and I was in there for over 20 mins. He did a breast exam and found "nodularity" but he said he's pretty sure it's fine which is good. However, after hearing my family history he has referred me to a clinical genetics centre, who, based on a questionnaire I have to fill out, will decide whether they want to see me or not. The doctor said they probably will as I have a strong history of breast and ovarian cancer in my family. Not quite sure what to expect really but will just have to wait and see.

    Hope you're all well and managing to keep warm. x x
  17. casper

    casper New commenter

    Feeling a bit better this evening . Had a parotidectomy, salivary gland. Had a lump in my neck removed. All tests including MRI said it was benign.
  18. really glad to hear that casper.take care...zzz
  19. xxx I mean. Hadn't really just dropped off....

  20. casper

    casper New commenter

    Ha Ha , thank you. I had the first really good sleep since the op. It is amazing what a good nights sleep can do for you.
    Casper x


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