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Worried sick, don't know what to do!!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by daffodilval, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. My mum is in a care home and has taken ill overnight, she is not at all well, the care home is waiting for the GP to see her and maybe admitted back into hospital..The thing is, my brother and myself are mums main carers but he is in Grease till friday..(a well earned rest).. do i infrom him now or wait untill the GP has assessed mum???
    I am worried sick, both of us have always been there for her and see her everyday, my brother has done so much for her and I really don't know what do do.
    (I also have a sister who lives in Canada and another brother wo lives 200 miles away)
  2. sorry, that should have been posted on Personal and I don't know how to transfer it over there..
  3. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    Which would you regret more, ruining his holiday unnecessarily, or him not getting to see his mother when she's ill?
  4. Hi. So sorry your mum is ill (((hugs))). Did you and your brother discuss what to do in the event of your mum taking ill while he was away? If you did and he said let him know about anything then you should call him asap. If not, then I'd probably wait until the GP has seen her but then inform your brother of that outcome. Can you get to the care home quickly yourself because you could perhaps go and see your mum and 'assess' the situation yourself even if the GP has not seen her by then. As one of her main carers you'll be able to tell how serious her illness is compared to how she normally is/past experiences of her being ill. Then you could decide when to tell your brother. I would definitely tell him but it's just a case of exactly when, as you probably want to give him as much info as you can. To be honest, although your brother is on holiday and getting a well deserved break, he's probably not able to totally relax as he will be hoping your mum is ok and I'm sure he'd rather know if she's not well, as he can atleast 'will her' or pray for her (depending on beliefs) to get better. If you didn't tell him he'd probably feel very guilty when he came home if he thought he was having a good time whilst your mum was ill, he'd probably also want to support you.
    It is a difficult scenario and I'm sorry you're having to face it alone at the moment. I hope your mum gets better soon. All the best. x

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