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Worried parent-Son in Yr3-lacks any confidence.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by yarrow, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Hi
    Our son is in Yr3 and is in a class of mixed Yr3 and Yr4 students. They are grouped in 'ability' for maths, reading and literacy. Our son tells us that he is in the bottom group for everything although this has not been communcated to us through the school. He now believes that he has 'a rubbish brain' and 'can't do anything'. At home we spend a great deal of time revisiting work done in class to help him. We just wondered if anyone could suggest any teaching strategies, websites, books to read or material we could buy that would give him that extra confidence boost he needs-we will try anything! cheers.
  2. I'm all for you helping your son and would echo what previous posters have said about talking to the teacher but...
    Please think carefully at the amount of time you devote at home to this. Spending TOO much time going over work which he finds difficult will not boost his confidence but further reinforce his belief that he has a 'rubbish brain'.
    Please, if you are not doing so already, find things that he is good at to do with him and boost his confidence outside of school. If he develops high self esteem in other areas/interests it can only help with his confidence in school.
  3. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I have to echo the stop going over things with him at home. He has all day to study things he isn't too good at, let him spend his evenings and weekends doing things he enjoys and succeeds in.

    Encourage him to ask his teacher if he doesn't understand and then be pragmatic about the fact we can't all be good at everything. So he isn't too good at maths and English, oh well never mind, not everyone is. Spend time drawing pictures, playing sport or exploring art and music.

    A confident, well mannered, kind child who is rubbish at maths and English will go further than a high achiever who is totally lacking in self confidence.

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