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Worried I'm useless

Discussion in 'Personal' started by knickersinatwist, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. We all have that feeling. We always think someone esle is better. It's terrible. To be honest we
    all are good teachers especially the ones who 'worry'- it's that something in us wants to help and make a difference and this striving for the best is what makes us think these thoughts. The teachers who don't may not be so emotionally involved with her/his students or the job. Well, that's what I think.
    I had my principal walk into my classroom just out of the blue with a notebook in her hand. She had been bullying me for the three years I was at the school. She preferred younger teachers and I wasn't young and ethnic looking- another problem she had with me!! The class I had was a difficult class and this 'walk in' caused me to lose control of the class for a while. She stayed and wrote down something and this caused so much stress and anxiety in me that the class noticed and played up even more. The lesson I was giving was a 'stop-gap' lesson for about 15 mins before their dance class. Well- this principal wrote up an informal report on my teaching and comminication skills. She even said that a few of the parents didn't like me either. Well- MANY parents didn't like her either. I didn't say it because these things hurt!
    The report stated 'lack of class management skills', 'lack of commincation skills' This she waved in front of me and threatened me with a written formal report if I didn't 'improve'!!!!!!! She said that once it became formal I could lose my teacher's approval number. After that she walked in and observed five of my lesson without my approval. She commented on the layout of the desks, the untidiness of the desks, of me ignoring some students, of saying' Good work' or 'Well done' or 'Good boy/girls', stating that I needed to be concise and refer to what I was saying good about!!!!!. Stupid things like that. To cut a long story short she bullied and blackmailed me out of my job. I have a mortgage and family to support. I know I didn't dress well like her in $500 shoes, jackets etc. I am still out af a job and my poor students are left with one casual after another.
    This is what can happen, too. There is NOTHING you can do! I have been in touch with the teacher's union and even with the department support officer who didn't help much. I'm sure the principal had been in touch there before me. So it's catch 22- I have got the union on my side yet all I can do is wait for a transfer to another school. Who will pay my mortgage?
    Old teachers unite and stand up for your rights. Ethnic teachers unite, too.
    I am surviving and hoping that one day I will get 'justice'. That someone does to the principal what she did to me. I will be waiting for that day:)

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