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Worried by the ICT agenda

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by -, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. brighton56

    brighton56 Occasional commenter

    This is an open discussion. Perhaps you could share your thoughts/ideas/visions?
    You have no right to say I have no experience. Why does your opinion outweigh mine?
    Either be an optimist and contribute sensibly to this thread to help pool ideas together or go away.
  2. brighton56

    brighton56 Occasional commenter

    I think people need to recognise that subjects are separate.
    We have GCSE Music and GCSE Music Technology in schools. So why would we mix GCSE ICT with GCSE Computing or GCSE Computer Science?
    I believe all subjects should have a place in the National Curriculum from KS4 onwards.
    Instead of ICT at KS1, KS2 and KS3 we should have 'Digital Literacy' which incorporates a range of IT skills and Computing skills.
    We also can't assume that because you do film editing in Media Studies then all students will be confident in that area. Media Studies is a GCSE option so not all students will study it. I do however think think that film design and creation may be better left to KS2 Primary and then KS3 English and KS4 Media/Film.
    People also need to remember that ICT is not a dying subject. It is exceptionally important within the current economy. Many ICT teachers will have ICT at degree level....it is an important subject in its own right.
    I do agree with above previous posters that the content should be quality not quantity.
    Do people agree with what I think? Or am I way off track?
  3. On the final year of my ICT degree we covered areas such as.
    XML/SOA/java development
    RDBMS (oracle/mysql/normalisation/application/administration)
    business planning/theory
    CCNP networking equivs
    MCSE equivs
    And my dissertation involved the semantic web's initiative effects on elearning systems development.
    But I believe courses vary somewhat...
  4. Lavington.
  5. I appreciate that SMT have taken an opportunity to cut staff but surely we now have the chance to build a curriculum which is fit for purpose. To 'stick with the existing programmes' is a response based in fear. We should take Mr Gove at his word and create an new, inspitational and fit curriculum which challenges and enthuses our students.
  6. I am using gained time to revamp our ICT offering and doing some internet research.
    There is a lot of thoughtful and reflective collaboration going on via twitter eg try #ictcurric or #digitalstudies. This Monday over 100 ICT staff are attending a #rethinkingict day - I'll post results.
    My own thinking is to combine the best elements of traditional ICT with appropriate elements of computer science to create a Digital Studies Programme of Study.
    There are four elements suggested by others:

    • Digital literacy: how to use software and be e-safe eg touch typing, Internet research skills, e-Safety
    • Digital Authoring: eg using computers to create effective art, animations, presentations, letters and web sites; creating applications and
    • Digital Technology: understanding hardware such as monitors, bits, bytes and binary; controlling objects
    • Digital Society: how ICT is used in and impacts on the real world
    One hour a week for KS3 should be sufficent to prepare students to be really effective. Six pacey modules a year. Stretch and challenge.
    Then offer a computing course at KS4 plus media studies and music tech. No other specialist ICT KS4 courses to replace OCR Nationals. Make sure all students have an embeded ICT experience in maths, english etc
    Offer A level Computing Course at KS5
    Here is my list of must see ICT resources to help with planning http://www.bizeconict.co.uk/Pages/ICTResources.aspx
    I am also most exercised by how to assess - in my view levels are not needed or appopriate. Lots of talk about #digitabadges
    Change can be a threat or an opportunity....
    Here is my INCOMPLETE PoS I am working on. Critique gratefully received.. no 'kickings' please :)
    <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" class="MsoTableGrid" style="border-collapse:collapse;border:medium none;"><tr><td style="padding-bottom:0cm;background-color:transparent;padding-left:5.4pt;width:154pt;padding-right:5.4pt;padding-top:0cm;border:windowtext 1pt solid;">
    </td><td style="border-bottom:windowtext 1pt solid;border-left:#ece9d8;padding-bottom:0cm;background-color:transparent;padding-left:5.4pt;width:154.05pt;padding-right:5.4pt;border-top:windowtext 1pt solid;border-right:windowtext 1pt solid;padding-top:0cm;"><font size="3">Year 8</font></td><td style="border-bottom:windowtext 1pt solid;border-left:#ece9d8;padding-bottom:0cm;background-color:transparent;padding-left:5.4pt;width:154.05pt;padding-right:5.4pt;border-top:windowtext 1pt solid;border-right:windowtext 1pt solid;padding-top:0cm;"><font size="3">Year 9</font></td></tr><tr><td style="border-bottom:windowtext 1pt solid;border-left:windowtext 1pt solid;padding-bottom:0cm;background-color:transparent;padding-left:5.4pt;width:154pt;padding-right:5.4pt;border-top:#ece9d8;border-right:windowtext 1pt solid;padding-top:0cm;"><font size="3">7.1 E-safety inc using email</font><font face="Calibri">7.2 Effective Presentations using PPT</font><font size="3">7.3 Spreadsheets</font><font face="Calibri">7.4 Databases: handling data</font><font size="3">7.5 Creating animations</font><font face="Calibri">7.6 Control using Flowol</font></td><td style="border-bottom:windowtext 1pt solid;border-left:#ece9d8;padding-bottom:0cm;background-color:transparent;padding-left:5.4pt;width:154.05pt;padding-right:5.4pt;border-top:#ece9d8;border-right:windowtext 1pt solid;padding-top:0cm;"><font size="3">8.1 Creating websites</font><font face="Calibri">8.2 Effective Presentations using DTP</font><font size="3">8.3 Modeling using spreadsheets</font><font face="Calibri">8.4</font><font size="3">8.5 Creating videos</font><font face="Calibri">8.6 Control using Scratch</font></td><td style="border-bottom:windowtext 1pt solid;border-left:#ece9d8;padding-bottom:0cm;background-color:transparent;padding-left:5.4pt;width:154.05pt;padding-right:5.4pt;border-top:#ece9d8;border-right:windowtext 1pt solid;padding-top:0cm;"><font size="3">9.1 Creating documents for school and work</font><font face="Calibri">9.2 Creating surveys</font><font face="Calibri">9.3 </font><font size="3">9.4 Multimedia project</font><font face="Calibri">9.5 How computers work</font><font size="3">9.6 Introduction to programming </font></td></tr></table>
    And for the record I am a trained economist who ended up teaching busiesses studies and ICT as well, and enjoy them each for their variety and challenge

  7. I feel that there needs to be ICT and CS taught in KS3. We have them once a week, and some come to the school with low leve skills, so in year 7 we mix it up. MS Office through to Kodu with some image editing in-between
    Homeworks are based around ICT and world impact
    Year 8 -
    Website design, Animation, Video editing linked to E Safety with Scratch

    Year 9 is up for debate. Not sure where to go with this as we currently start GCSE work with them.

    People who are having a go at ICT teachers is just missing the point. Some teachers of ICT do not have the knowledge (yet) of Computing. CS and ICT are seperate subject and should be taught seperately in KS4 and beyond.
    Not all students will enjoy ICT, not all students will enjoy CS, it's our job to try and make them enjoy what we deliver, no matter the content/ topic.
    Support each other rather than having a go, which some people seem intent on doing!
  8. brighton56

    brighton56 Occasional commenter

    YES to both richardyoung and MrBirmingham.
    Although I would add that if you do not offer a GCSE or A level in ICT then less and less students will see the significance of the subject.
    I think a successful department would let students choose either CS or ICT as options beyond KS3.

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