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Worried about medical form :(

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by vhammond1981, May 31, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I have been accepted on the GTP primary for this Sept.
    The reason I am worried about the medical form is because I have previously suffered from anxiety and depression and I am also partially deaf. The anxiety and depression was the result of post natal depression and anxiety following a bad car accident over 5 years ago now but due to how the form is worded it doesn't give me chance to explain other than to have a full medical which I would have to pay for. As for the hearing difficulties well I passed my hearing tests as a baby and from then on as a child I remember wondering why we had two ears when only one of them worked. My parents never noticed any problems and it was only when I was an adult that I saw my own G.P and they formally diagnosed partial hearing however as stated it has never caused me any problems at all, no one ever notices it as I guess as a child I compensated with my other ear and that is all I have ever known. But the form has one question and I have to answer No, I cannot hear fully in both ears.
    I have been applying since 2009 for this training and I have vounteered and fitted working and bringing up 2 children alone around studying and volunteering to get this far only for my past medical failings to let me down. I really am worried about what the medical forms out come will mean for me. If any one could give me any further insight into how these forms are used and what I can expect that would be really helpful.



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