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Worried about being 4 weeks pregnant and starting new job in September

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by chrissy4116, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Hey hun! I was in the same position as you earlier this year! I fell pregnant working out my notice and I decided to tell them before I started (but after I had signed my contract) and they were perfectly fine though! I am unfortunately having maternity pay problems as I too have 2 years previous years of continuous teaching yet they are not acknowledging this for my occupational maternity pay so try and get this sorted as soon as you can (after your 25 weeks pregnant). Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  2. Many thanks for your reply, I really appreciate your time and your comments. I'm feeling much better about it now!
  3. Hi, thanks for your reply. That's great to hear that someone has been in the same position! That's worrying about maternity pay- why are they not acknowledging previous service? I'll get on to my union asap I think!
  4. Thank you som much for your reply- I really appreciate it. I'm just looking forward to it now although nerves of starting a new job are starting to take over! Thanks again
  5. This was me exactly a year ago! My twin boys were due in April but came in March.

    Although it wasn't my first perminant position and I was staying in the same LEA I had the same worries as you. I kept quiet and didn't tell my head until I was 10 weeks pregnant. It turned out that my head had already noticed something wasn't quite right. I told my TA fairly soon after the start of term as I was so tired and my mind wasn't 100% on the job - I didn't want her thinking "who the hell have they empolyed for me to work with!". I had to tell my head before 12 weeks as my scan appointment was during school time. Then morning sickness kicked in and I was often late to work as a result. Many of my other collegues had guessed by the time I told them after my scan.
    The school were fine and really supportive. It's important they know so they can carry out a risk assessment. If anything were to happen at work and they were to blam (God forbid) then you're not covered unless they know about it. If I was in the same position again I would do the same thing - wait until around 10 weeks (although I was already about 7 weeks when I started the term) and then announce to everyone else after the 12 week scan.
    I hope this makes sense.
    Good luck with your pregnancy - enjoy it coz it goes so fast. April is a fab time to have a baby!
  6. purpleapple

    purpleapple New commenter

    To the OP, I'm in exactly the same position. I'm due at the end of Feb having started this august (foreign school). In the country I'm in the scan isn't done until week 20 - which will be in oct.
    So I've got the choice of telling them before the scan when I can get by for fat or after the scan and the follow-up midwife visit when I probably be very egg-shaped. The thing is that I don't want anyone to know at work until I have had that scan that assures me that all is well with the baby. But I feel disrepectful enough as it is and would like to give them a good chance of getting a replacement for me.
    If I were you, I would use the 3-month scan as your marker. Good luck! I understand perfectly how worried you are, but I'm sure the school will be fine :)

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