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Worried about a boy being bullied.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mooncheek, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. mooncheek

    mooncheek New commenter

    Hi would be grateful for your thoughts- I'm extremely worried about a boy in my Year 4 class who is being bullied by pretty much all the kids in KS2.He has various special needs, which make socialising very difficult for him. There are a few 'ring leaders' (although very little hard evidence, just the word of other kids) and the rest turn their back on him, as it's 'uncool.' to be near him. I see it as a very serious problem and find it agonising to watch, but feel that , as I'm only a few years into the job, I don't really know what the protocol should be. There doesn't seem to be a precedent that anyone can recall. The Head has spoken to the year group, so have other members of SMT, but the hatred/dislike/amusement at his failure, whatever it is, is so deeply ingrained that nothing has changed. I'd be very grateful if anyone could let me know what they would do in this situation, then I may have some ideas to tentatively suggest.Thanks for any help.
    Have also posted this in HT board, but maybe this was not appropriate.
  2. mooncheek

    mooncheek New commenter

    Hi, just upping this-wonder if anyone else has a very unpopular child at their school?
  3. I worked with a Y5 child who to say is unpopular, would be a slight understatement. I did a PSHE lesson over 4 weeks surrounding the video clip 'disposable friends'.
    The result was brilliant, we discussed the value of friendship and it was the first time that some of them had shown any maturity throughout their school life.
  4. Ive seen this sort of thing before and its very hard and then often the victim has things about them that make it hard for those kids who might befriend to want to do so.
    Think you need to suggest to SMt that you need a whole school or at least KS2 PSHE programme, you need to agree what the issues are and what kinds of lessons you will use to address this. This would focus on bullying but also tolerance, disability, difference etc ie its not just about this child its about the culture of the school.
    Have the childs parents said anything?
    Also there is something like secret friend where you pick a name at random they dont know who it is but it might be anyone so they need to be seen to be be nice, good, friendly at all times in case its them then if when name is revealed there could be whole class reward.
    You might need to be very explicit around how children behave towards this child if necessary eg we have an ASD pupil who sometimes needs to be left alone and have space, all KS2 one have been told if they spot him like this as long as not hurting himself or anyone they ignore if worried tell an adult but dont try to interfere even if they are trying to be friendly as it makes it a whole lot worse.
    Also find something positive about this pupil something he enjoys or can do well etc something to draw some other pupils into. maybe give this child rewards that he can share with another eg time on computer suite so that he gets to develop some one to one time with others and help build up relationships
    good luck it wont be easy
    also to say you probably know who the ring leaders are and its hard as these are the ones others follow and its hard to break as some kids have lot of power on playground and in classrooms but if you can find ways to split this group weaken the power base it will help as well as being extra vigilent in trying to catch them doing things wrong if thats possible


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