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World War Two Evacuees WOW day

Discussion in 'Primary' started by wanabeeartist, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. I want to begin our Evacuee, children of WW11 term with a WOW day of total imersion in the subject. THought of starting with the announcement of war from Chamberlain, and looking in an evacuee suitcase at things they might take. Need some good ideas for other activities to introduce the topic...
  2. When the war started the Government produced an information pack which was posted through every letterbox. I still have the pack my grandfather received. For example, one of the leaflets is about what to do if the Germans invade and warns against the problems caused by lots of people fleeing their homes as refugees.

    I don't know if these packs are available for teaching history but they give a sense of immediacy to the issues of the day.
  3. Black out classroom windows with black sugar paper and/or masking tape criss crossed on panes, try ang get large net to hang down from ceiling outside classroom (soldiers/camouflage etc), get them to come in dressed as evacuees, they can make gas mask boxes, ration books etc, cook/eat 1940's food, sing wartime songs, have an air raid siren go off and evacuate classroom, play 1940's games, do marching drills with you as member of Home Guard ...
  4. great ideas thanks
  5. cheers will look into it

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