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World Book Day

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Jesta123, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. We had a whole school book character day! It was fab! Each class had a different themed book and we did activities around that book. We also had about five children from each year group for the day so there was a lot of team work going on. We had character parades during the day and every child made an ID card for their character which also had their photo on it! We also had an assembly at the end of the day where each group described their activities.
  2. I like the sound of that. How did you choose books that would appeal to all age groups?
  3. I recommend a song which is excellent for assembly, Read a Book, by Katherine Dines:




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  4. It was left to each class teacher and we all chose books that appealed to the younger children. We used the older kids to support the little ones and they really rose to the challenge. I did cat in the hat and we all made fish bowls, stripey hat bookmarks and cat door hangers. Another teacher did The worst witch and made witch prints. Other choices were charlottes web making 3d webs and pom pom spiders, whatever next making a recycled space ship and mr majeika, making spells and doing magic!!

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