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WorkSkills - Does anybody teach it or is it a myth?

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by Barneyy2k, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Hi
    I have recently become Subject Leader for Business Studies and Workskills. We are delivering WorkSkills to year 10 this year, however I am finding it really hard to find any resources for it.
    I would be really grateful if anybody had any suggestions of websites/resources I could use.
    Thanks in advance
  2. whufcpigs

    whufcpigs New commenter


    I am in charge of work skills as we deliver it instead of PSHE so that all 9 and 10 get some kind of accreditation - do you deliver through vision2learn outlines?

  3. Hi
    I had a look at the vision2learn website and saw that it cost £5000 not sure my school will be up for that kind of expenditure when we only have about 40 children doing the qualification.
  4. Go onto the Edexcel website. There's a SOW (I put it there) and you could use Activator booklets. I teach much of it via PSHE and work experience.Hope that helps, of not post your email and I'll respond.
  5. whufcpigs

    whufcpigs New commenter

    vision2learn have all the resources uploaded of what pupils need to do to meet the criteria - I think the units are same as EDEXCEL but I dont know! What units are you looking at delivering - I have some resources designed and may be able to help.

  6. I delivered this for the last 2 years to years 10 and 11. I have loads of assignments if you want them, mainly for Level 1.
  7. You have mai! [​IMG]
  8. Hi Barneyy2K,
    My name is Viv Oyolu, and I run a programme called Shaping Attitudes for the workplace and it helps prepare 16-19 year olds starting placements/apprenticeships and help them on how to manage behaviour and relationships in the workplace; and highlight the key skills employers look for. We also
    You can find more information on the website: http://www.divinecommunicationstrust.org.uk, and read evaluation reports from the different colleges I have delivered the workshop at.
    Best Wishes
  9. Thanks Granitebird. They're really helpful.
  10. Hi, I am planning to deliver the ceritficate at Level 2 and would apprectiate any resources that you have. Would you forward them to me at mercbabie@hotmail.com. Thanks
  11. Thanks man !! nice one !!
  12. moneypenny2k

    moneypenny2k New commenter

    I'm delivering L2 Cert to year 9 in Business Studies and 10 in WRL. I've got some certs and powerpoints to help deliver Workskills at Level 2.

    Pfeg helped me to put together an assignment for the managing your own money at L1 & 2
    I've written an assignment for the working together unit (at home and can't remember the correct title)
    I've also got some assignments based around the example assignments for the applying for a job and related units which I used for our professional interview day.
    I'll be getting around to posting them in the resources section as soon as this term calms down but if anyone wants them, please feel free to email me
  13. Would anyone be willing to give me some ideas on the level of work students are expected to submit for this please. I've just picked it up and have zero resources except the sample assignments that are on Edexcel. I'm teaching a small group of SEN pupils and have begun with 'Managing your own money'.

    Thanks for any offers of assistance/guidance.

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